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  • Rick Hayes

1861- 1865 -Civil War Reimagined.

By Rick Hayes

What would happen if today's minority community went back in time and replaced the slaves living during the American Civil War? Chances are good; the Confederates would have won the war.

In the same way, today's minority community votes for their Democrat oppressors; BLM would urge the minority community to fight alongside the Confederate army to defeat the slave-freeing Union soldiers.

In the short run, just as the Democrats are doing today with using entitlements to perpetuate enslaving minorities, the Confederate army would reward today's minorities that fought with them with larger shacks, more food, and other provisions. However, they would still have to remain slaves.

There is an unbelievable yet unmistakable alliance where the oppressors are endorsed by the people they oppress.

Each election cycle witnesses today's minority community bartering their independence for Democrat entitlements. The freedoms their ancestors fought and died for are hastily given away for a few worthless trinkets.

(c) 7/2021 R.Hayes

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