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  • Rick Hayes

9/11: Still Questions After 20 Years.

By Rick Hayes

What are those red/grey chips? And why were there millions of tiny iron spheres found in the dust at ground zero ?

Any scientist who has evaluated the dust at ground zero has acknowledged the millions of red/grey chips and tiny iron spheres in numerous samples in the dust of 9/11.

The government did not explain the iron spheres but stated that the red/grey chips were from the primer paint used inside the WTC buildings as a rust-proofing agent.

According to the government, the primer paint used at WTC contained zinc, chromium, and magnesium. But when independent scientists analyzed the red/grey chips, they found no zinc, chromium, or magnesium but observed that it did contain iron, oxygen, aluminum, carbon, silicon, and potassium.

This means that the red/grey chips could not possibly be the primer paint used at the WTC, as the government suggests. So what are they?

Independent scientists discovered that the red/grey chips were a military-grade nano-thermite. Meaning the chips were engineered in a lab using nanotechnology. Also, scientists documented that when introduced to heat, the chips reacted and became highly explosive.

As for the tiny iron spheres found in the dust, scientists determined that nano-thermite reaches approximately 7,500 degrees when activated. When the 7,500-degree blast hits steel beams, it produces a spray of millions of iron particles.

Like a fine mist created from water being splashed onto a hot frying pan, the steel produces tiny iron droplets that resemble spheres when they cool off.

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