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A Glimpse into Joe Biden's America.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

If Joe Biden takes the oath of office as the 46th President of The United States, based on his 110-page signed agreement with Vermont senator Bernie Sanders

the Constitutional Republic will be transformed into something other than how it was founded.

And if the election was stolen, as many Republican and some Democrat voters feel that it was, the radical transformations that will take place are without the consent of the people and thus increase the risk for potential civil unrest.

At the time of the agreement, Sanders released a statement that the goals (of the task force) were to move Biden into "as progressive a direction as possible."

The Democrat propaganda networks have successfully suppressed Biden's intentions for the future of the country. But withholding information from the public only works until the programs are implemented and thus felt by the populace.

Both Americans who voted for Biden and those who voted for Trump are mostly unaware of the short and long-term changes they will experience once a Biden administration is up and running.

The below forecasts are not a result of hyperbolic hysteria but rather a history-based performance of past liberal / Democrat economic policies combined with the new promises made within the context of "The Green New Deal."

Many middle-class Americans will fall into significant debt due to higher property taxes and higher cost of living expenses. These increased expenses will primarily result from higher energy costs and products directly impacted by those increased costs, such as food and home goods. But significant increases in taxes will also come from the proposed student loan cancelations and bailouts of businesses and other entities harmed by the Covid lockdown policies enforced mainly in cities and states controlled by Democrats.

Unemployment numbers for lower wage-earning Americans will sharply rise due to an increase in competition of approximately 11 to 20 million illegal alien workers. All the record gains in increased Black and Latino employment numbers realized under the Trump administration's four years will vanish almost overnight.

The increased unemployment numbers will increase crime and significant dependence on government subsidies translating into higher taxes needed to fund such programs.

The Biden administration will add approximately 7 million Americans back to the food stamp recipient list, and 2 million Americans will fall back into poverty.

Within the first two years of his administration, Biden, with Democrat-controlled senate support, will increase the number of Supreme Court justices to fifteen from the current nine.

The new judges will all hold a radical left view of the law. This move will eliminate any future appointees to the court having originalist/conservative ideals. From this point on, the court will take a permanent hard left turn.

To secure a perpetual leftist Democrat-controlled government, steps will be taken to ensure that all future elections follow the same flawed policies that allowed such widespread fraud in 2020.

Learning from the successfully stolen 2020 election, future elections will consist of mostly mail-in ballots, not requiring signature verification or proof of residence. Any software used in the election process will only be audited by senate committee members appointed by the Democrat-controlled Senate.

This move will forever eliminate the conservative vote. The discrepancies in the 2020 Presidential election focused mainly on the Presidential race. But new refinements in the election software will impact all down-ballot races to ensure that only the most trusted candidates are seated in those positions.

The right to self-defense will only be available to the wealthy. Although the term "gun confiscation" will not be used, the new policies will have the same results. Ammunition and registered weapons will be taxed at rates, making it impossible to own such items.

"Voluntary gun buybacks" will be the terminology used to take away self-defense weapons from Americans. The Second Amendment will exist but only on paper. With a new, more defenseless population, more stringent radical policies can be considered.

Information for and communication between conservative Americans will cease to exist. The Biden administration and Congress will side with big tech to eliminate all conservative news items and information.

Conservative Americans will no longer have a platform to discuss their ideas and will no longer be aware of government dealings.

Although this fact of censorship is becoming more evident by the day, what a Biden administration will accomplish is a complete black-out of news and information. Americans will be given what to think and told what can be discussed.

Anyone considering that the above prognostications are ridiculous on their face should consider the following.

Conspiracy theorists and leftist radicals continue to uphold the Senate's handling of the Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. However, without a speck of evidence, the left and their propaganda, "media" was able to destroy Kavanaugh's' reputation without any fear of reprisal. Kavanaugh represents what can happen to any American not obeying the radical left.

Conspiracy theorists and leftist radicals continue to ignore the mountain of evidence that the country experienced a highly coordinated multi-department coup attempt of the office of the Presidency.

Americans might not feel comfortable about this subject, but if honestly looked at, it happened, and the guilty parties just walked away.

These same conspiracy radicals disregard the treasonist activity where the IRS was able to target and damage the lives of ordinary citizens based on their political affiliations without any detriment to any political leader or the IRS leadership.

The propaganda networks have no problem that Twitter could successfully censor the oldest newspaper in the country. It happened in this country.

Youtube was able to announce publically and then successfully censor its entire platform. All by itself, it suspended the First Amendment rights of Americans and removed all content it did not agree with. Unbelievably scary, but it happened in this country.

To ignore this dangerous trend is to skip past the history of governments that fell due to fear and complacency.

In the same way, Black Americans will no longer have high murder rates not because they will not occur, but because they will not be reported, America will become a country without corruption, not because it will not exist but because it will never be known.

Whatever the country evolves into, most certainly will not resemble what the Founding Fathers envisioned. The United States Constitution will be relegated to a mere historic document only. Unmoored from the Constitution, the country will be unable to seek remedy from an established set of laws.

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