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  • Rick Hayes

A Glimpse Into The Future For Young American Leftists.

By Rick Hayes

Does the rule of law matter in a socialist country? Many Americans have come to terms with the reality that America will soon become a socialist country. But other Americans who are welcoming the transition need to ask themselves what will remain for them when the dust settles.

Indeed, the millions of illegal immigrants that will arrive in the U.S. by the middle of 2022 will decimate lower-income Americans, and it's the new trillion-dollar budget that all but guarantees that America's middle class will evaporate. And with it, a new order will emerge where a thin layer of elites will govern the rest of the country.

This scenario where a much smaller ruling class controls a large lower class has repeatedly played out in socialist countries around the globe over many years.

If history gives us any indication of what will become of the average supporter after America transitions into a new socialist state, the initial period that will look promising will give way to suffering and despair.

Of course, the new socialist leaders (today's Democrat Party) will say it will be different this time, but they lie; it will turn out exactly as it always turns out. At first, there will be enough food and necessities for everyone, plus the added benefits of free education and free healthcare - as promised. It will be the utopia conservatives said couldn't happen. And those who were against the socialist revolution will be vilified or exiled.

The quality of life will be extraordinary, and citizens will have a sense of unity. The party will continue until one day the money runs out. The elites will confiscate what little remains of the dwindling resources while blaming the collapse on the loyal followers. And it will be those faithful followers who will need to fend for themselves in the streets against other dedicated followers.

In the end, there will be poverty, crime, and bloodshed for the ordinary American while the elites will continue to thrive. This saga of decay can persist for decades if there is no revolt by the people. Generations of Americans will be marginalized, and America itself will decline into third-world status.

On the bright side, although America and its people will be shattered, at least the ruling class can boast that they tried to control climate change and feed the entire world.

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