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A Tale Of Two Invasions.

By Rick Hayes

While the United States Congress remains focused on Putin's devastating aggression against Ukraine, they don't seem troubled about Biden's destructive invasion of the United States.

Congress has approved 13 billion dollars to help the Ukrainian people, of which Biden has allocated approximately 7% or 1 billion. In regards to the invasion of America, Congress and Biden not only have not assigned any funds but have either encouraged the incursion or have completely ignored it.

There are no UN talks, no media outrage or headlines regarding the humanitarian disaster, and no assistance from any European nation. It's as if the entire U.S. tragedy does not exist.

Imagine if Ukrainian President Zolinsky acted for Ukraine as Biden is towards America. Ukrainian forces would be told to stand down against the onslaught. Russian soldiers would be allowed to cross the border and flown all over Ukraine at the expense of the Ukrainian citizens, who would then be executed.

Would the Ukrainian people stand for such detrimental treatment - would they give up their freedoms and way of life as quickly as the American people?

Although the methods used in the two assaults are very different, the intended outcomes are very similar. Putin uses troops from his own country to advance militarily to absorb the Ukrainian people into Russian society. Putin believes this move will protect his power and resurrect the Soviet Union.

On the other hand, Biden utilizes large convoys of foreign civilians to invade the southern portion of The United States. Biden believes this move will protect his power and resurrect the Democrat Party from inevitable defeat in November.

Both men desire the absolute conquest of a people who wish to remain free, and both men routinely use lies and deceit to mislead the people affected. Also, to assist with their deceptive goals, both men rely heavily on loyal and ruthless propaganda media.

These two incursions have cost the lives of many innocent civilians. Biden's southern invasion of the United States has contributed to an estimated 91 thousand innocent deaths from drug overdoses in 2020 and hundreds of injuries and deaths of women and children due to child sex trafficking and violent crimes. Putin's aggression has yielded thousands of civilian casualties, including women and children.

The civilian population in Ukraine has surprised Putin regarding their resolve to fight back and expel the invaders. Due to mutual self-interest and greed, Biden anticipated that Congress would agree with the invasion. Biden must also be surprised by the lack of will of the American people to confront elected officials to stop the invasion.

The irony in these events is that Ukraine, not known for freedom or democracy, understands the loss of freedom. Americans, who have enjoyed the best freedom and democracy have to offer, are content to watch their liberty disappear.

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