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Americans Can Save The American Election System.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chaired by Republican Senator Ron Johnson recently held a hearing on the evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidental election. Trump's lead attorney investigating voter fraud in Wisconsin, James Troupis, testified that the frustration his team faced was that the courts not only refused to hear the evidence but were following the Biden campaign directive that election fraud, as a subject, was not be discussed. Nevertheless, the former judge stated that his team found 200 thousand invalid votes that were inappropriately counted. Currently, Biden leads Trump by 20 thousand votes in Wisconsin. Trump lawyer for Nevada's election-fraud investigation, Jesse Binnall, testified that through a detailed examination of voting records his team found 42 thousand people who voted more than once, 19 thousand people who voted who did not live in Nevada, 8 thousand people who voted not having an existing address and 4 thousand non-citizens that voted. The lead counsel stated that the investigation team uncovered over 130 thousand instances of clear voter fraud. Currently, Biden leads Trump by 12 thousand votes in Nevada. Democrat ranking member senator Gary Peters told the committee that hearing the witnesses' testimony was a "Destructive exercise that has no place in the U.S. Senate." Along with stating that he has seen no evidence of voter fraud, he said that the entire matter was a source of Russian disinformation. Listening to the comments of Senator Peters as well as other Democrat committee members, one inescapable fact must be seared into the minds of all Americans. And that is that Democrats and leftists are incapable of seeing the evidence of voter fraud pertaining to the 2020 Presidential election. That statement is worth repeating. So again, Democrats and leftists are incapable of seeing the evidence of voter fraud pertaining to the 2020 Presidential election. Does that mean the evidence isn't clear enough? NO. Does that mean there isn't enough evidence to overturn the election? NO! The above statement proposes that because of the deep hatred for Trump and his "America first" policies, Democrats and leftists have become psychologically blinded to all presented evidence. In their minds, it can not and will not exist. It explains why after hundreds of presented affidavits, sworn public testimony by average American citizens, and telling video footage, Democrats continually repeat that no evidence exists. It is the equivalent of standing beside the destroyed USS Arizona and saying that no evidence exists that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor or watching the thick black smoke from ground zero and concluding that there is no proof that America was attacked on 9/11. How can the truth ever be known to people like this? It can't. And that's the point. The Democrat party is overflowing with people with the same inability to examine the truth as Senator Peters. Like it or not, this is today's reality, and in such an actuality, there is no way to have the evidence presented in any liberal court. The propaganda "media" will not allow the evidence to be shown to the American people. Big tech will use every means necessary to censor all discussions regarding proof of the stolen election. The left has already determined that the truth regarding the election no longer matters. Democrat Politicians who in the past, at least cared about the optics, if not about the facts, don't even care about that anymore. Democrats and their propaganda networks have taken the position that whatever it took to get President Trump out of office was justified. Pelosi and Schumer might just as well face their propaganda friendly cameras and tell the American people that the election was stolen for the good of the country. If such a statement was made, would Biden concede the election to Trump? The answer is obvious - Hell no. So, what can be done? Conservative Republicans and many independents are playing an unwinnable game with one-sided rules drastically favoring Democrats. The time has come to stop playing a losing game. Stop trying to convince the inconvincible or persuade the unpersuadable. Freedom-loving Americans must disengage from participating in social media platforms that believe in censorings, such as Twitter and Youtube. The focus should be on peacefully obstructing any further progress toward a transference of power. President Trump should not concede the election because it was stolen and is not, and can never be valid. The American people who voted for Trump should disagree with a fraudulent election and should not acknowledge a phony product born from that theft. Those who fear that by fighting back, the country will become divided are missing the point that the country is already divided. Those who fear that the Republic will not survive millions of Americans disregarding the Democrats version of the 2020 election fail to understand that the Republic will not survive the forced acceptance of a stolen election. The way back to sanity is by Conservative Republicans and independents uniting and embracing the truth. Like a schoolyard bully, Democrats and their propaganda wing are trying to force Americans not to give up their lunch money but to give up their vote. That's too high a price, and it is a demand that must be immediately confronted and pushed back on.

(c) 12/2020 Rick Hayes

Rick Hayes

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