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  • Rick Hayes

Are We a Moral and Religious People?

By Rick Hayes

John Adams said: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Look around at the laws waiting to be passed and progressive policies. Abortion even after birth, men competing in women's sports, and children crushed into shipping containers at the border. Moral and religious?

So there shouldn't be any confusion as to why the Constitution is ignored. Evil and corrupt individuals run the country. Their tongues beautifully speak of a righteous cause, but their actions are based on greed and sickening lust for power.

Stop fossil fuels and run the country on renewable energy. It sounds wonderful until one realizes that it not only doesn't work, but it has nothing to do with saving the planet and everything to do with putting more money in the pockets of politicians. Making the U.S. dependent on foreign oil so that Congress can justify spending trillions and getting kickbacks on military budget contracts. All under the guise of protecting our foreign oil availability when we never needed it once we were energy independent. Moral and religious?

Open borders is a humanitarian way of helping those fleeing dangerous countries for the safety of America. It sounds very caring until one realizes that it not only puts those fleeing at risk of theft, rape, and murder but weakens the countries they are fleeing from. It also enriches and strengthens the drug cartels charging thousands of dollars to these unsuspecting victims.

Those who have no moral compass can pontificate all they want about how wonderful their liberal plans sound, but the fact remains that there are thousands of shallow graves in the Mexican and southern U.S. deserts. Graves filled with innocent men, women, and children robbed, tortured, and murdered because of those wonderfully sounding liberal plans.

John Adams was correct. The Constitution can no longer protect this country because individuals who have no morals and have no room for God permanently control the country.

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