• Rick Hayes

Biden Will Soon Be Crossing The Rubicon.

The establishment swamp is playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette.

They were successful with eight years of massive corruption in the Obama years, laughed when Hillary was allowed to build a private server in her home and destroy evidence and celebrated getting away with a coup attempt of the Presidency by flagrantly stealing the 2020 Presidential election.

But it's not enough, and it will never be enough until every conservative thought in America is silenced. Total control is the end game and the planned second impeachment of Donald Trump is just one more step toward that objective.

But even if Trump is not impeached, Biden's imitation of the crossing of the Rubicon will be achieved as soon as all conservative communication avenues have been severed. Looking at the current trend of conservative censorship, that reality may be taking place within the next few days.

President Trump's permanent ban from Twitter and Instagram, Parler's ban by Amazon, Google, and Apple are just the tip of the iceberg. Currently, nearly every major conservative voice on Twitter and Facebook has either been taken down or suspended.

Soon, other mid-sized conservative voices will be banned from social media, followed by attacks on conservative radio and cable programs through their advertisers.

What could possibly go wrong by censoring and oppressing half of the country? The pressure cooker valves will be sealed shut as the heat is turned way up. And it will come as a shock to those in the propaganda media's pretend world when violence and massive civil unrest erupts.

However, it is the predictable and inevitable evolution of a lawless change of government.

The Supreme Court, as well as multiple State Supreme Courts, took a chance that ignoring the extensive evidence of the theft of the 2020 Presidential election would be accepted by 74 million Americans. It's a big gamble.

And so, Biden has almost crossed the Rubicon and like the great Roman empire before it, America will soon find itself in an epic struggle.

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