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  • Rick Hayes

Big Crimes Small Convictions

By Rick Hayes

Think of how small the odds are of influential people going to jail for any heinous crimes they commit. If a crime has caught the public's attention, possibly a low-level person connected to the offense does some time, but the big players almost always go on with their lives as if nothing happened.

Last week, Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking more than two years after her partner in crime, Jeffrey Epstein, was found hanging in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

Although the victims of Epstein and Maxwell can take some measure of consolation from Maxwell's conviction, it rings mostly hollow when one realizes the large number of affluent pedophiles who have thus far escaped justice in this appalling case.

Throughout Epstein's long despicable sex crime career, hundreds of wealthy predators were given sexual access to girls and boys as young as 14. These children were abused, raped, and tortured by people revered and respected in society.

Affluent and influential lawyers, politicians, and business people used and discarded innocent children like garbage while living carefree and remaining unpunished.

Being the only person convicted, Maxwell serves in the same capacity for Epstein's criminal empire as former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith served in the government's attempted coup of President Donald Trump.

Clinesmith was a minor player surrounded by dozens of senior law enforcement officials, major media heads, and many in government. He was slapped on the wrist so that the penalties stopped with him, just as the Epstein horror show might end with Maxwell's conviction.

Some people will cheer and say that justice was served, but the truth is that the real evil that destroyed the lives of children and openly committed treason will continue to unleash future disorder and misery.

The only way Americans will ever know that real justice has been served is when they see a conga line of powerful politicians, lawyers, and leaders of industry dressed in orange correctional facility jumpsuits. Short of that, it will be merely window dressing.

In the case of Epstein and Maxwell, the names of the guilty are known. They appear on the manifest containing individuals who flew on the "lolita express" to one of Epstein's private sex islands, Little and Great Saint James Islands in the United States Virgin Islands.

To have been a guest of Jeffrey Epstein on his Islands and say you had no awareness of rampant pedophilia is akin to saying you landed on the moon and had no knowledge it had craters.

We can still hope that Maxwell will not be the last to experience life inside a cell.

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