• Rick Hayes

Can Americans Handle The Truth?

By Rick Hayes

Only with the American people's permission, expressed or otherwise, can debacles like the Afghanistan withdrawal, where billions of dollars worth of military assets are lost to the enemy and Americans are left behind in enemy hands go unpunished.

Only with a disengaged and indifferent American people can America's southern border remain wide open, and vaccine mandates become enforced.

Bullies pick on larger groups by separating and attacking one member at a time. Lt. Col Stuart Scheller sits in a military prison for demanding accountability. Members of the medical and law enforcement communities have lost their employment because they refuse to let the government inject them with a drug. Border Patrol agents are suspended because they tried to enforce immigration law.

Until the American people who believe in liberty and the U.S. Constitution and who hold the majority in this country stand together and take action against this oppression, it will continue and escalate.

It may be a cliche, but it is still very accurate; united we stand, divided we get vaccine mandates, higher gas prices, open borders, and socialism.

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