• Rick Hayes

Can Minorities Survive Biden?

By Rick Hayes

The election is over, and the promises made by President Biden are unfolding faster than a stack of laundry in a tornado.

For years, both Democrats and Republicans have been guilty of exploiting Mexican immigrants crossing into the country illegally. For Republicans, it was a source of cheap labor, while Democrats saw it as a way to increase their voter base.

Former President Donald Trump sought to end the exploitation and protect American minorities, and for this, he was hated by members on both sides of the isle.

Corporate America, Democrat and Republican swamp rats, and the propaganda media twisted the conflict at the border with a strategy meant to deflect away from the actual exploitation objectives by injecting racism into the mix.

An introductory look at the facts easily separates the lies from the realities.

Take an example of ten people looking for work when there are ten jobs available and compare that with twenty people looking for work when there are ten jobs available. Is there any difference in the success rate of finding a job for ten job seekers instead of twenty job seekers?

According to the Biden administration's immigration plans, there is no difference even though his objectives will produce hundreds of people looking for those ten positions. What business class ever taught such fiscal insanity?

By way of simple mathematics, President Biden recognizes that unemployment increases when there are more people than jobs. So why is Biden opening the southern border and declaring amnesty for millions of people in this country illegally, which he knows will massively increase competition and unemployment for American minorities?

Perhaps it has nothing to do with economics, finance, or employment. Maybe it has everything to do with a deliberate transformation of the Democrat's voter base.

Until recently, minorities have voted mostly for Democrats, but 2020 saw a rise in minorities jumping ship to Republican candidates. For the first time in years, minorities saw the Democrat programs for what they are; modern slavery by way of entitlements.

Liberal programs with beautifully, socially responsible titles that promise a better life but produce the genocide of unborn minority infants and wholesale murder of young black men at the hands of other young black men, not to mention higher than average unemployment.

And so, it seems the time has come for Democrats to part ways with a segment of society that finally has seen the con-man behind the curtain.

How can we be sure that greed and power are the real motivations behind Biden's immigration policy and not the media's stated reason: to give millions of people a better life?

Public safety gives us the answer. With all Americans' hardships to remain healthy and safe, including lockdowns, social distancing, and constant testing, millions of foreigners crossing the border with unknown medical histories will not be tested for Covid or any other diseases.

We are looking at a super-spreader of epic proportions wiping out more than a year of personal and economic sacrifices. The healthcare system's strain will be enormous, and death rates will once again rise to new heights.

Biden's immigration goal has nothing to do with helping a single person on either side of the border. It is meant to flood America with as many new illegals as possible in the shortest amount of time possible in order to replace the awakened American minority voter with a foreign minority group that will be more loyal to Democrats.

Unemployment rates and death rates will skyrocket in the minority community. Irreparable harm will quickly befall many before the midterms in 2022. The only question remaining is if American minorities and the country will survive long enough to vote their way out.

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