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  • Rick Hayes

Conservatives Awakening

For some time now, social media giant Twitter has been accused of being the perpetrator of shadow banning the content of contributing members whose posts contain a conservative slant.

Specifically, shadow banning is a process where Twitter erases posted thoughts and ideas without the contributor realizing it. From the contributors' vantage point, the messages seem to have been published but sadly are never delivered to other Twitter users.

The free speech alternative to Twitter named "Parler" has recently hit social media by storm and maybe the first sign that Conservatives and others who have been silenced are now ready and have decided to fight back.

The difference between social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and Dempnets (Democrat Propaganda Networks) such as CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times is that it is becoming more accepted that Dempnets are pure leftist propaganda. But many users still believe social media has free speech.

Although we can all sympathize with the fears that come due to the reality of actual reprisals from the left, we should never relinquish our right to defend our beliefs.

The resolve to counter any entity that funds dangerous leftist organizations is the responsibility of all American patriots. But assisting organizations and individuals who have been attacked by leftist thugs or slanderous Dempnets is also essential to preserve the Republic.

The road leading America to a better place and away from the madness of the left is one paved with zero tolerance of the violence against police, civilians, and property.

The non-violent weapon of choice by Conservatives should be the practice in the equality of consequences.

Equality of consequences relies heavily on organization, and planned action. The actions are aimed at protecting companies that are singled out and economically punished for not following leftist doctrine. This protection would come in the form of additional patronizing of establishments that are boycotted by the left. Also, the use of reverse boycotting. Where advertisers who withdraw advertising dollars because a particular show does not follow leftist doctrine would themselves be boycotted by conservatives.

These actions peacefully level the playing field and send out a clear message that attacks against free speech will not be accepted. - TheDailyHayes 6/26/2020.

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