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  • Rick Hayes

Cortez's "Green New Deal" exposes Democrats and American Society.

By Rick Hayes

Politicians endorsing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" do so, not because they believe it will work, but because the penalty for not endorsing it would put them outside the radical transition toward socialism. Aside from the absurdity of the plan that assumes, without any factual basis, that the earth is getting warmer because of greenhouse gases produced by man, it talks about facing armageddon in as little as 12 years if The United States doesn't turn into little house on the prairie. Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand have endorsed Cortez's plan and are betting their political futures that Americans will find the plan's benefits worth the hardships surrounding the changes needed to be made. Changes that require a complete overhaul of America's infrastructure and energy source and cost trillions of dollars more than the entire US economy can afford.

It would be one thing for Democrats to alter America's lifestyle forever to avert a real and present danger to the planet and quite another to destroy the thriving U.S. economy to advance a political and personal agenda. But with a plan like Cortez's GND, there is much more at stake for the survivability of the Democrat party.

In their race to full-blown socialism, the fringe elements within the Democrat party have managed to drag their weak leadership down with them. As of late, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a look about her as if she has somehow misplaced the U.S. Capitol Building.

But deep down Democrats must know that they have brought this plague upon themselves and in an ironic twist, their foolish belief in open borders for the country has translated into an open border for their party. A party that has lost its identity and seems to have no boundaries concerning decency and what it means to be a Democrat. Their recent insane policies such as, disregarding due process and automatically believing the woman, supporting a baseless charade of an investigation against a legally elected President and abortion on demand are coming home to roost.

Cortez's GND is just another step toward the self-destruction of the Democrat party. With each new ridiculous leftist policy, voters have become desensitized to the absurd, and the needle moves another notch toward the left. Republicans, on the other hand, would do well to observe what happens to a party without borders. That not standing one's ground on conservative issues, not keeping campaign promises or following mandates that brought you to office is equivalent and just as harmful as not having any substance or boundaries.

Cortez's GND has obviously jumped the shark and has not only fractured the Democrat party but exposed severe weaknesses in today's society. Apart from showcasing the ludicrous desire of brainwashed college students and hate-filled leftists who want to transform the greatest government system into one that has a track record of total failure, a nation that does not honor its borders, does not protect the lives of the innocent and does not follow the rule of law is a nation in decay and heading straight toward destruction from within.

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