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  • Rick Hayes

COVID-19, Another Golden Opportunity For Impeachment.

There is so much corruption, so many investigations and yet so little justice. Americans are justifiably worn out from the level and magnitude of the criminal activity by elected officials always going unpunished. So it becomes easy to stare out into space with glossed over eyes listening to the mountain of evil depravity we have come to understand as Washington D.C. Americans who love this country, along with conservative radio and T.V. hosts, are always pointing out the absurdness and unfairness of the system. "They always blame us for......." "They ridiculed us when we said........" and "They always get away with....." are just some of the many phrases heard that point out the one-sided nature of justice in America. But why is that, and who is behind it? There is no level playing field when seeking justice from the harmful actions by Democrats or the Left? The powerful apparatus that uses fear and intimidation to squash any opposition to the destructive policies of Democrats are the Dempnets (Democrat Propaganda Networks). The Washington Dempnets not only distort the news, they outright fabricate it out of whole cloth. Because Dempnets vastly outnumber those in the media, Trump has undergone the most savage nonstop political and personal attacks of any elected person in the history of The United States. How many consecutive days has The President had to endure a brutal barrage by Dempnets? The answer is easy to find. Find the number of days he has been in office, and there you have it. Back in 2016, Dempnets had put all of their early efforts into destroying Trump's Presidency by covering up a political coup conducted by the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice. Let that statement resonate and sink in for just a moment. A corrupt political party in this country used the services of their well established fraudulent communications networks to assist law enforcement leaders in removing a sitting President illegally. The power and influence of Dempnets have rewritten history. Without ever asking for evidence, Dempnets promoted statements such as the one by Democrat congressman Adam Schiff., "I think there's plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight." Or Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who repeatedly called for Trump's impeachment, and said she could "guarantee" that Trump is colluding with the Russians to undermine American democracy. And when it was all exposed as a giant hoax, of course, Dempnets never followed up with Schiff or Waters. Nothing is off-limits or too absurd. Dempnets promoted every insane statement and crazy position Democrats ever made. Pelosi and Schumer, saying that wanting to improve border security was comparable to a hate crime, was legitimate. Pelosi stating that anyone who was for border security was a racist was also considered reasonable by Dempnets. So even if for a brief moment, let's climb out of the deceitfulness and distortions of Dempnets and take a page out of President Trump's book of calling it like it is. First, Dempnets are an anti-truth, anti-American phenomenon funded by globalists who want to see American standards lowered to third-world levels. Second, Dempnets use intimidation, name-calling, and embarrassment on a national level of individuals who go against leftist ideology. And third, Dempnets are not just supporters of anti-American sentiment, but active contributors. So, to be clear, anytime you find yourself wondering how Hillary, Pelosi, or Comey get away with so much blatant corruption, think Dempnets. When the evidence before you doesn't add up to the story being told, think Dempnets. Because without Dempnets, the truth has a fighting chance. The Russian collusion hoax didn't work, the fake Ukrainian phone call scandal didn't work, but perhaps if Dempnets are crafty, the COVID-19 pandemic has a shot. "Trump acted too early because he is xenophobic." "Trump acted too late because he has no clue." "Trump didn't help the states. Trump spent too much money on helping the states." In reality, it never matters what or when President Trump acts, it is going to be reported by Dempnets as wrong and somehow impeachable. It's similar to the epic 1967 classic movie, "Cool-Hand Luke," where prisoner Paul Newman is ordered by a prison guard to dig a ditch, then after it's dug, he is ordered by a different prison guard to fill it back up. And on it goes back and forth. Above all, Dempnets are loyal only to Democrat and leftist goals and not to America or its people. It's OK if the country is thrown into a 50-year depression because of the COVID-19 shutdown as long as in doing so, Trump is not re-elected. Nothing said about the President is too outrageous or extreme for Dempnets. The lies, distortions, and deceptions by Dempnets are far more deadly than COVID-19.

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