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COVID-19 Treatment Has a "100% Success Rate." - Says Texas Doctor.

Called Budesonide, the drug is a steroid that works by preventing inflammation in the lungs. Dr. Richard Bartlett, a Midland, Texas physician who was recently a guest on America, Can We Talk, spoke of the 100% success he has seen in his practice since March 2020. Sold under the name brand Pulmicort Respules, Dr. Bartlett stated that the drug has been around for 20 years and is safely used as a nebulizer for treatment to prevent asthma.

Dr. Bartlett said that other countries using this type of medication therapy had seen much lower death rates and asserted that Taiwan, with 24 million, had only seven deaths. Singapore with 6 million had only 27 deaths and

Japan having 126 million, saw just 982 deaths.

1). Richard P. Bartlett, MD letter to Senator Hall


2). Richard P. Bartlett, MD and Alexandria Watkins, DNP

Case Study Report (7 pages)


3). Dr. Bartlett's full interview with America, Can We Talk

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