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  • Rick Hayes

Democrat Propaganda Networks (Dempnets)

How important to a free society is a legitimate, open, and impartial media? One of the first things that happen during a coup is gaining control of the media. In this way, all information and perception are manipulated. As a nation, we are experiencing this kind of misinformation and abuse during America's ongoing political coup. Night after night, DNC networks such as CNN and MSNBC lie to the American people by dismissing the existence of internal government forces actively looking to seize power from the office of the President. Once seen in America as an indispensable part of a free society, what is considered "the media" has become a political propaganda center for the Democrat party and the far left. It may be terrifying to admit, but it is an inescapable fact that The United States no longer has a legitimate working media. It is a sad joke even to suggest that today's media brings a scintilla of objectivity when it comes to covering the President or conservatives. In 2018, the Media Research Center viewed 1,007 evening news stories about President Trump on ABC, CBS, and NBC from June 1 to Sept. 30. After approximately 32.7 hours of coverage, they found that 92% of the information was negative. Also, any achievements by the President were ignored.

A 2018 Investor's Business Daily editorial stated that a political data research firm found that over the last 14 years, employees of Alphabet (the parent of Google) "gave 90% of their political donations, or $15.5 million, to Democrats. The editorial added that another study found that since 2006, Amazon employees gave 90% of their political donations to Democratic political action committees. The icing on the cake reveals that since 1884, The New York Times has endorsed a Democratic candidate for President 26 times as opposed to only six times for a Republican. For the past 60 years, starting in 1960, The Times has never endorsed a Republican for President. And yet they promote themselves as unbiased. Hence, anyone with an ounce of clearsightedness realizes that the media doesn't lean toward the Democrat party; they are part of the Democrat party. The consequences of having no impartial media can be very deadly. Consider the position held by Democrats and advertised by their propaganda networks that open borders are beneficial for the country when in fact, it has been overwhelmingly proven that they are a sure way of increasing poverty and raising the death toll in America. Add to that the Democrats belief in free healthcare for illegal aliens, and you have a recipe for the inevitable collapse of the American healthcare system. The Democrat propaganda networks not only ignore these facts but dispute them not because of the evidence but because of their political ideology. So it is disingenuous to mingle the word "media" with what currently exists in America. Words matter. Labels matter. And so Americans must call a thing for what it is. American society must disconnect the word media from today's Democrat propaganda networks. Researchers have proven that words are powerful. Psychology Today mentioned a 2013 study by the University of Wisconsin that confirmed that language has the power to reshape our knowledge and expectations of the world we see. The term "Democrat Propaganda Networks" or "Dempnets" as an acronym is precisely what CNN, ABC, CBS, and the New York Times are. Hence if someone were to say, "according to several dempnets." the listener would immediately be able to identify the source of information and consider the amount of weight to give it. Dempnets would rightfully be treated as a separate category apart from actual news. The term media would be reserved only for those entities that objectively and openly report the news. Dempnets have their place in society. Much like other reality TV shows, they entertain their audiences, but they do not deserve to be called the media.

(c) R. Hayes 4/2020

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