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  • Rick Hayes

Democrats use the COVID-19 Pandemic for Political Profit.

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Rick Hayes

Whether challenged with taking the steps needed to convert to full socialism, the perpetual inner turmoil, or a fractured leadership, the Democrat party has displayed the incredible ability to still cause an extraordinary level of pain and misery to the country.

Their continual negativity has dampened any positive feelings Americans may have enjoyed during a time of economic recovery. But now, the nonstop investigations against the President by Democrats may have resulted in more than just lowered spirits but have contributed to the devastating results facing the country.

With the speed at which the Coronavirus spreads, Americans have learned that wasting even the smallest amount of time can produce immense tragedy. While the full concentration of government could have been focused on the advance of the deadly virus, it was instead divided by having to defend against a foolish, political charade.

The Majority and Minority Leaders of the Senate and the Speaker and Minority Leader of the House of Representatives are automatically members of their respective intelligence committees and hence have access to any intelligence. So Democrat members in Congress could have obtained the early intel regarding the Coronavirus.

It's no secret that the dishonest media supports the Democrat agenda and ignores their blunders and scandals. The media reports on the Coronavirus crisis, as if Democrats have no responsibility whatsoever to help manage a potential national disaster. But more importantly, the media has completely ignored the life-altering harm they and the Democrats have caused because of their insatiable impeachment appetite.

It was on December 18, 2019, when House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump on articles of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Democrat propaganda media that routinely hammered away at the President ever since he was sworn into office stepped up their assaults regarding this latest impeachment deception. If it weren't for the factless claims against the President by America's version of Pravda during the previous roll of the dice, i.e., the Russian investigation hoax, that time-consuming probe would have fizzled out long before Robert Mueller's disastrous testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee.

Nevertheless, instead of handing the articles of impeachment over to the Senate as is the tradition, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi inexplicably held onto them, causing an unnecessary delay and chaos in an already turbulent set of circumstances.

It was during this chaotic period of delay that the news of a new treatment-resistant virus had emerged from the city of Wuhan, China, in a private "WeChat" exchange to colleagues by Dr. Li Wenliang of the Wuhan Central Hospital.

Later, even after the World Health Organization released a statement confirming the existence of pneumonia of unknown origin in Wuhan, there was no pause in the impeachment proceedings by Democrats. A disease that would soon shut down Washington D.C. and the rest of the country took a back seat to anything that could hurt Trump. What was on the front burner, what is always on the front burner, was not the well-being of Americans but the unconstitutional removal of the President.

As more news of the virus slowly emerged from China that territories within the country had closed off internal travel, the World Health Organization declared the 2019-nCoV outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. One day later, on January 31, in the middle of a fight for the life of his Presidency, Trump suspended entry from individuals from China. An unprecedented and daring action.

With near supersonic speed and in customary fashion, Democrats and their propaganda media wing pounced at the opportunity. They charged Trump with, aside from being on the verge of getting kicked out of office, being guilty of Xenophobia. It was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, impeachment manager Adam Schiff, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that ignored the critical evidence of a potential catastrophic pandemic as they kept feeding their frenzied media allies the red meat of impeachment hysteria.

Approximately one week before the Senate's impeachment trial took place, Dr. Li Wenliang was infected with the Coronavirus, and just two days after Trump's acquittal, the 33-year old physician passed away from the virus he revealed to the world.

Although the evidence points to the fact that the President acted swiftly inside a murky situation where China was concealing critical information, it is also true that the Democrats used and continue to use dirty politics without regard to public safety.

Without the slightest concern for the well-being and protection of the American people, the Democrats once again delayed progress.

Rather than receiving instant bipartisan approval, the stimulus package was delayed because of layer upon layer of added Democrat pork unrelated to the Coronavirus crisis. Democrats shamelessly used the crisis as a political bargaining chip. It remains to be seen if the stimulus delay will cause needless fatalities or will hurt the economy. But if it does, Democrats will invariably use their black partnership with the contaminated media to point the finger of blame away from themselves, where it belongs, and on to the President.

© 2020 R. Hayes

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