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  • Rick Hayes

Failure Without Fallout

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

By Rick Hayes

Anyone looking at the news this past week can clearly see that President Joe Biden and his administration are shocked by the events unfolding in Afghanistan. But how can anyone, especially those in Washington, be so far removed from reality?

The sad fact that Biden is suffering from a form of dementia can explain his disconnect. Still, it can't explain the miscalculation and subsequent detachment of his entire staff and other members in Congress. For that, we must look at the fishbowl syndrome created by the dishonest propaganda media.

Biden and liberal Washington are out of touch with the rest of the country because they have been constantly shielded from the consequences of their choices.

The fraudulent, fake media has been praising bad decisions by Democrats for so long that criticism isn't remotely considered. The mere fact that Americans are startled and giving credit to the media for doing its job for the first time in decades says everything one needs to know as to why Biden, Pelosi, and other leftists are in denial by the chaos in Afghanistan.

Even the massive spin by CNN and MSNBC that President Trump is responsible for Biden's mess can't erase the horrific images Americans are seeing on TV. If it weren't known that the lives of 40 thousand Americans were hanging in the balance as they are held hostage behind enemy lines, the pretend media would be calling the disastrous Biden strategy a success.

Because of their perpetually corrupt and fraudulent coverage, they have enabled Democrats to fail without fallout; they are as much to blame for the debacle in Afghanistan as Biden.

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