• Rick Hayes

How a Feeble-Minded Man Is Destroying a Nation.

By Rick Hayes

We don't give President Biden enough credit. In just eight months, Biden has managed to obliterate this country's wealth and status, a goal President Obama couldn't achieve in eight years.

Although looking at Biden, it appears that he is losing his mental capacities; perhaps he still holds some cards in the deck given that he is single-handedly destroying the most powerful nation on earth.

America's most sworn enemies must be envious of how easily Biden systematically dismantles America from within and on the world stage. It's as if he has inside help from the F.B.I. and others at the D.O.J.

The shortlist of Biden's achievements includes fracturing America's economy with high inflation, crushing energy jobs, and raising the debt, giving trillions of hand-outs going to everyone entering the country.

It's hard to believe with all that he has created, Biden's approval rating has fallen below 40%. He orchestrated the most ludicrous and disgraceful exit "strategy" in Afghanistan in world history. America's allies were left scrambling to get their citizens out, a move Biden didn't waste his time on.

So harmful was his lack of planning that he armed America's enemies to the tune of 80 billion tax-payer dollars worth of sophisticated weaponry. Just a year ago, the U.S. military, which sacrificed so much over the past 20 years, was seen as the most elite, lethal, and professional army on the planet and now a global laughing stock.

As bad as Biden's debacle is in Afghanistan, the torpedo that will assuredly sink the Republic is his opening up of the southern border.

Biden and his administration are changing the direction and essence of this country, and America as we know it will soon drastically change forever. He and his administration are entirely aware that America can not survive amnesty for 20+ million illegal immigrants and three million new illegal immigrants by next August. And yet, we know by his actions that that is precisely his objective.

What more does Biden need to do to show his complete and utter contempt for the American people? Please don't say it out loud; it might give Biden fresh ideas.

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