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  • Rick Hayes

The Impeachment Trial. The Left's Battle of the Bulge.

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

By Rick Hayes

After Robert Mueller delivered his final report regarding his two-year investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the anticipated decapitation of the American government by the Left faded into thin air faster than a David Blaine magic trick. Later, when Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his findings regarding FISA court abuse involving the F.B.I. and the D.O.J., he found massive corruption that before was propagandized by the Left as a conspiracy theory.

Both of these events point to how America's political establishment and law enforcement agencies not only failed to perform their specific duties but acted way outside the bounds of the law to overthrow a sitting President of The United States.

So the Left has suffered one political defeat after another, yet the fraudulent propaganda media continues to act as if total victory resides within next weeks' leak or baseless insinuation. Although the Left will never stop in their efforts to topple Trump's Presidency, the disgraceful impeachment trial can be viewed as the last gasp of a coordinated power grab that started in 2016. It can be regarded, in a political sense, as similar to the Germans last gasp offensive battle of the Bulge in WWII. In the same light, the long-awaited results of the Barr / Durham FISA investigation can be seen as the start of the lefts' Nuremberg trial.

The simple explanation for impeachment we often hear is that the Left hates Donald Trump so much they would do everything they could to remove him from office. Although partly true, that explanation falls short and does not account for the coordination between many government departmens or the level of international involvement. To begin with, Democrat-controlled liberal New York City had a love affair with "The Donald" for decades and as far as being morally outraged by Trump's behavior with women, let's not forget how the Left idolizes Bill Clinton who had sexual relations with an intern along with the fact that he was accused of rape by several women.

The central reason Trump needed to be impeached is that he embodied everything the Washington establishment has always feared; an outsider with the legitimate authority and power to expose the crooked system from the inside. From the very beginning, those on the far Left understood that the only way to dismantle America was from within, and one way to accomplish that was by hijacking a well established political party entrenched in Washington. The Democrat party became the Trojan horse for radical socialists in their quest to fundamentally transform America and for American taxpayers to continue to be the world's ATM.

For eight years as President, Obama orchestrated the most anti-American movement in history. He promoted the belief that the U.S. was a country with systemic racism that accrued wealth at the expense of third world nations.

The country's' "media" community, as well as the education system, already well entrenched in Leftist ideology, was more than willing to promote Obama's transformation plans for America. Many Americans counted on Obama's promise of "hope and change" to improve their lives, but what they never considered was that the promise wasn't meant for them but for the radicals who wanted to knock America out of the number one position in the world.

For the first time, the Left enjoyed eight consecutive years of unchallenged free reign. Allowed to pass legislation that massively redistributed America's wealth, unilaterally obstructed American liberties, bankrupt the middle class and spit on the Constitution without so much as a slap on the wrist. It was a system that would be hard to let go.

When Hillary Clinton lost to Trump, it was as if the Left was kicked out of their paradise. They may have been beaten at the ballot box, but they were far from relinquishing power back to a despised pro-life, patriotic, God-fearing America.

The impeachment trial of President Trump is a witness to the reality of two Americas. One where disobedient Leftist children throw tantrums when their demands aren't met and the other where adults try to maintain order but are criticized for demanding that the rule of law be followed.

Hence, the first order of business for the country after the disgraceful and embarrassing impeachment trial ends with a Trump vindication is to make sure Trump receives a second term. But equal to that goal is one where the country makes accountable all of the co-conspirators who tried to overturn an election illegally.

Indeed, the next mountain of responsibility that needs to be surmounted falls squarely on the shoulders of United States Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham as they uncover the swamp in all of its filth.

(c) 2020 Rick Hayes

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