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  • Rick Hayes

How did Joe Biden ever become President?

By Rick Hayes

We must first remember that according to the election results, Biden was more popular than any previous President in U.S. history. Biden's approval was so immense that he managed to get a record voter turnout without actually campaigning.

Even though he sometimes forgot what office he was running for, or what state he was in, the election tally showed that Biden would have easily beaten Reagan, Clinton, or Obama.

But perhaps the most startling revelation of Biden's victory are the people who voted for him. It was as if individuals allergic to peanuts purchased cases of peanut butter because many of the people now being destroyed by Biden's policies are the same people who voted for him.

It makes no sense because these were policies that were known before the election.

For example, President Biden made it abundantly clear during the primary debates that he wanted an open-border policy and immediate medical coverage for all illegals entering the country.

Aside from bankrupting the country and overwhelming the American healthcare system already exhausted from Covid, open-borders destroys American minorities with high unemployment and high crime rates and decimates border states.

Yet, the election results show that nearly 90% of the African American community voted for Biden as well as millions of citizens from the border states that he won in New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

Before the election, Biden promised to make passage of the Equality Act a priority in his first 100 days as President. In essence, among other abominations, the Equality Act essentially eliminates women from competing in women's sports, yet American women overwhelmingly voted for Biden.

Shortly after making good on his promise to allow biological men to compete against women via executive order, numerous women's organizations complained about how unfair the Equality Act is. Say what? The evidence of how damaging the Equality Act is to women was known before the election, and Biden, to his credit, was as straightforward as possible.

Millions of women, African Americans, and the people of New Mexico, Arizona, and California voted against their best interests, which is their right to do. What is perplexing is that these groups now strongly reject the enactment of the policies they voted for. And the destruction of what was once considered normal is just getting started.

There will be many other examples to come in the future as President Biden is at the early stages of dismantling American society.

To answer the question of how Biden became President, it would be a shame if it were true that these and other groups had such a hatred for Trump that they willingly voted to destroy themselves to get Trump out of office.

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