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  • Rick Hayes

How The Swamp Will Thrive After The Crossfire Hurricane Investigation.

By Rick Hayes

In May 2019, when AG William Barr selected attorney John Durham to look into the 2016 Russian investigation named "Crossfire Hurricane, President Trump was still in office, and his prospects for re-election were promising.

Now, two years later, after the China virus, the Left completely controls the system and pulls the strings of puppet President Joe Biden. Barr didn't do Durham any favors by naming him special counsel in October of 2020 as the Washington swamp has not only re-established itself but, in many ways, has gotten even more robust.

For many years, Durham has enjoyed a distinguished law enforcement reputation by both Republicans and Democrats. Still, those attributes will work against the former United States Attorney from Connecticut as total lawlessness has now invaded every level of the Department of Justice.

In December 2019, Inspector General Michael Horowitzs' report identified 17 significant instances of improper behavior by the FBI regarding the FISA process. With the destruction of the Constitution gaining momentum, The New York Times and CNN will never accept any criminal findings against fellow revolutionists like the former FBI head James Comey or FBI agent Peter Strzok.

What if Durham remains steadfast to his oath to uphold the Constitution? In that case, it could spell the end of his career in addition to facing an all-out personal assault by the propaganda media. The way out for Durham might be through the door of current AG Merrick Garland.

As long as Durham stays away from finding criminal behavior, the Leftists-controlled Congress will warmly accept Garland's overruling of Durham's wrist-slapping findings "for the sake of moving the country forward."

By not finding any criminal behavior, Durham will save his career and receive a pass by the Leftist media. He will go down as someone who was duped and be characterized as an unwilling participant reluctantly pressed into illicit service by Barr and Trump.

Comey, Strzok, and the rest of the pack that attempted a coup against the President's office will walk away freely. They will receive numerous rewards from the Left for the "pain and suffering" inflicted upon them by Trump and his witch hunt, and they will be seen as patriots.

In typical projection fashion, so commonly seen and accepted today, the history and roles will be reversed so that Democrats will be viewed as the victims of a corrupt Republican administration wanting to seize power. And the Swamp will have their victory.

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