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  • Rick Hayes

Hunter Should Receive The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Imagine if Joe Biden got on CNN and said, "Well, I'm sick and tired of having to pretend I care about what the American people think. Screw them. I rely on Hunter as my bag man for China and Ukraine, and although he's a degenerate crack addict, he has gotten me millions of dollars."

"And yeah, I stole the 2020 election. We couldn't get enough stupid people to vote against their best interests. So, we stuffed the ballot boxes, and when that wasn't enough, we manipulated the voting software. Come on, man. I'm now President Jack, and I'm making a fortune."

Imagine what would happen. What would be the fallout from such publically made statements?

Based on current reality, the sad answer is that nothing would happen. The Department of Justice would ignore the statements.

The borders would stay wide open, inflation would continue to rise, and Hunter would receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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