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  • Rick Hayes

Imagine If Conservatives Disengage.

Kick them when they're up, kick them when they're down.

Not a single court in the country has allowed the evidence of the possible theft by Democrats of the 2020 Presidential election to be heard.

Not a single major newspaper, outside the New York Post, has questioned Joe and Hunter Biden and Communist China's business dealings. Nor have they earnestly reported on or even taken the alleged allegations of voter fraud seriously.

Over the past several years, Congress has conducted more than a dozen significant investigations into unlawful activity against Conservatives by the Democrat party. Not one has resulted in any form of punishment or reform.

The Department of Justice has disappeared, and the F.B.I. is non-existent concerning crimes against Conservatives.

As a result, what is transpiring in the country could be a dangerous recipe for explosive civil unrest and extensive systemic disorder. Not the recent Antifa or B.L.M. kind of violence but the Gettysburgh type. Based on the past actions by those on the right, this level of violence will hopefully never occur.

More and more Conservatives are voicing their opinions regarding their thoughts regarding the Presidential election outcome. And they are stating, in large numbers, that if the flagrant theft of the election is allowed to stand, it would be their last election.

That might seem like a good thing to those on the left, but they should be careful what they wish for.

The Democrats and the left are counting on the historical passiveness of Conservative Republicans. A past that has routinely witnessed no push back by those on the right regarding perpetual increases in taxes. No demand for justice regarding crimes against Conservative Americans' civil rights and no outrage by Conservatives unable to register any dissatisfaction with the political or economic system through the media.

Perhaps Democrats and the left are correct that Conservative Republicans will say and do little or nothing about the perceived theft of the 2020 election. If such is the case, America will quickly and peacefully transform into a government far away from the Constitutional Republic. But what will emerge to fill the void?

Although history shows the unlikely successful outcome under socialism, conceivably, if any place can endure a failed system, it's the United States with all of its resources.

The "socialist Democrat" system that Bernie Sanders champions will probably be the closest design that replaces the Republic. In such a scenario, however, everything the left detests will not only survive but thrive.

The "Green New Deal" only affects America; hence, only the pollutions' origin will change. The destruction of the environment will remain, but it will be coming in increased amounts from China and India instead of America.

The left promotes America's open borders to benefit the lives of people from all over the world, but what will occur will be the unprecedented exploitation of cheap labor by big tech and Wall Street.

The wealthy in America will become even more enriched off the backs of those on the "modern industrial plantation." The so often sought amnesty for millions of undocumented Americans will result in servitude and fixed low-wage drudgery.

In an ironic twist, if Conservative Republicans abandon the political system, the wealth of the top one percent will skyrocket. The poor will increase in number and become more impoverished, the planet more unsustainable, and inequality more prevalent.

Oddly, the radical left might be the ones to escalate the country into further violence if those on the right disengage from politics due to an inability to be heard regarding a perceived stolen election.

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