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  • Rick Hayes

Is There Any Truth Left In America ?

Today's American men and women are not less patriotic and involved than those who fought and died in wars past for this country. So why does it seem that corruption has been on an extended winning streak?

Lawlessness seems to be winning most confrontations with those trying to do good. Riots perpetrated by immoral anti-American individuals go unpunished and are celebrated by Washington politicians and the propaganda media. At the same time, patriotic protesters are arrested and held in prison without being charged with a crime.

Why does evil seem to control much in today's American society? It sounds like an improbable movie plot, but there exists a well-organized corrupt establishment that protects many unethical and immoral individuals.

An establishment comprised of unscrupulous politicians and dishonest law enforcement that collude with a fake propaganda "media," all with a common goal of dismantling the Constitution to increase their power.

The American education system replaced God with Karl Marx's philosophy and replaced the Church with big government.

American history is no longer taught, and if it is ever mentioned, it is falsified and misrepresented to conclude that evil men were at its foundation.

The more America turned away from God, the more the country drifted into the abyss.

When God was expelled from schools, grades and morality drastically declined proportionately to the programs aimed at banishing The Almighty.

God is truth, so it follows that a Godless society must naturally be filled with falsehoods and lies. And this is precisely what American culture is experiencing. America is living many lies. Up is down, bad is good, and feelings override reality.

Men being allowed to compete in woman's sports is declared to be fair to women even as the evidence shows the opposite. Women athletes are losing scholarships, camaraderie, and autonomy, and it has nothing to do with opportunities for transgender athletes. It has everything to do with destroying a large segment of society.

Printing and dumping billions of dollars into the economy, an act that has consistently produced massive inflation, is now said to be the best way to fight inflation. In the same way, that printing money has nothing to do with lowering inflation, "The Green New Deal." has nothing to do with combating climate change. Both have everything to do with redistributing wealth and crushing the middle class.

And open borders, which produce thousands of rape victims and drug overdose deaths and crushes the earning potential of millions of low-income Americans, is now said to be an act of kindness. As numerous video clips show thousands of daily illegal crossings, the fake media and America's leaders say the border is secure. The government denies transporting thousands of unlawful immigrants by plane around the country even as numerous video clips confirm that such is happening.

When believing that there was a power bigger than Google was the norm, those who practiced deception tried to hide their dishonest deeds. Today, the more outrageous and blatant the lie, the more frequently it is told.

America has become a Godless and fraudulent shell of itself. The answer is to immediately reverse course and reestablish the basis of this country, which intimately includes the unshakable understanding that God is the center, the core, and the foundation of this country.

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