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  • Rick Hayes


Updated: Jan 10, 2022

By Rick Hayes

Good Judgment is one of the key ingredients to good leadership.

Would anyone interested in public safety be an advocate for abolishing the police? Are there sports fans that believe it's fair for men to compete against women, and are there any financially savvy individuals who would support open borders with free healthcare to all who enter? Hopefully, nobody answered yes to any of these questions. However, these are just some of the destructive policies proudly embraced by many in the Democrat Party.

But it's not just the magnificently insane approaches to real-life circumstances that make the Democrats of today a massive liability to individual safety, quality of life, and future economic prosperity.

Recently Fox news' Tucker Carlson asked the question as to how anyone could have fallen for the transparently absurd Jesse Smollett hoax. It was a rhetorical question that exposed the seriously flawed thinking of leftist Democrats who took three years to figure out the undeniable reality everyone else saw in the first three seconds - that Smollett was a habitual liar.

Leftist Democrats have no choice but to destroy any city they control because they lack critical thinking and live in a pretend world where desires take precedence over reality.

Since Democrat leftists survive on a steady diet of false narratives and lies, they have consistently shown their poor judgments regarding people they trust or admire.

Take the left's assessment of the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti. They sincerely held the opinion that not only was Avenatti highly ethical, sharp-witted, and honest, but they considered him a contender to be President of the United States. The only problem was that he was later convicted of extortion and wire fraud that put him behind bars.

What about the accolades and awards provided by the left to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, another contender to become President. All was fine until

he had to resign due to a storm of sexual harassment allegations, not to mention the investigations into thousands of underreported nursing home deaths due to his reckless Covid policies.

The left seems to get everything backward when it comes to accessing the actions and accomplishments of individuals—the fawning over the Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was rewarded for killing three and injuring 264 by receiving the front cover of the left's Rolling Stone magazine. Take the example of the left's fondness of California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has all but destroyed the state whose homeless population rose 7% and continues to lead the nation with the highest share of homeless residents who are unsheltered at 70%. Another darling of the left was Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, who turned out to be a cruel, tyrannical leader and Marxist dictator.

The left hates success and worships defeat. And people are coming to realize that if the left and the propaganda media favor something, it probably spells disaster for the average American.

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