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  • Rick Hayes

Justice For Smollett!

By Rick Hayes

Criminals are getting back on the streets in record time due to bail reform, and law enforcement isn't even involved in crimes below $990.

Statistically speaking, crime is up across the country, with "smash and grab" affecting predominately Democrat-run cities.

Tent towns of the Homeless are growing and expanding into suburban neighborhoods, contributing to increased drug activity and destroying the quality of life for tax-paying citizens.

All of the above could potentially spell disaster for Democrats regarding the 2022 elections, but that's not counting voter ignorance, brainwashing, and a simple but brilliant plan by the left.

Recently, AOC, Jerry Nadler, and the White House have unveiled a plan of denying and deflecting facts surrounding their failed policies. A program that has been supported and promoted by the powerful propaganda media.

Both AOC and Nadler have denied that smash and grab crimes exist, and the White House has stated that defunding and abolishing the police is a policy created by Republicans.

Sounds like a crazy plan, but anyone watching the trial of disgraced actor Jussie Smollett will understand precisely how the left will approach the 2022 elections. For example, take an obvious set of facts, lie about them and keep escalating the lies into the realm of the insanely absurd.

Eventually, along with the powerful propaganda media shaping and influencing the masses, the truth will take a backseat.

Since millions of Americans receive their news information via left-leaning news outlets such as MSNBC and The New York Times, it is conceivable that the rampant lawlessness sweeping the country will be placed at the doorsteps of the Republicans.

Never forget that millions of Americans still believe President Trump was an asset of Russia and was responsible for the embarrassing collapse of Afghanistan. So there might just be enough people convinced that two white MAGA supporters put a rope around Jussie Smollett's neck to get him off the hook in his Chicago trial.

Extensive and blatant lies are a core strategy of the left, and the media will try to help them tip the scale in their favor in 2022.

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