• Rick Hayes

Let The Olympic Games Begin!

By Rick Hayes

Imagine the Olympic games where a crowd of 80 thousand prepares to watch the woman's 100-meter dash. As the gun goes off, eight of the fastest in the world make their way down the track.

At the 30 meter mark, three athletes separate themselves from the rest of the field. With each stride, the three leaders put such significant distance between themselves and the rest of the runners that they are more than 30 meters ahead when they cross the finish line. It turns out that these top three finishers are all transgender athletes.

Because of the distance between the winners and the rest of the pact, the officials and the crowd expect to witness a new woman's 100-meter world record. They look with anticipation at the giant scoreboard only to find out that all eight runners have been given the exact finishing times. Welcome to how a "woke Olympics" would function. Men can compete against women, and women shouldn't mind because equity, i.e., equality of outcomes, is paramount. So the men don't win, and the women don't lose.

Could a "woke Olympics" become a reality? Absolutely. There is no shortage of absurdity when it comes to the demands of the left. Consider the plans for cities to exist without police, nations without borders, and universities without free speech. In that regard, having a genderless Olympics without winners should be easily achieved.

Socialism is an anti-life system that caters to mediocrity at the expense of advancement. And today's left is quickly destroying the norms of society to create a utopian world. A world that will inevitably destroy creativity, ingenuity, and imagination.

As long as good and decent people continue to sleepwalk while the left continues its march toward a totalitarian world, the chances of a woke Olympics becoming reality increases with every crazy demand.

The left knows no limits, and so the drastic changes won't be contained in just a few areas of life but all of life. And the hope for some form of compromise with the left is a fool's choice since the left considers compromises as temporary setbacks toward inevitably reaching their ultimate objectives.

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