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  • Rick Hayes

Looking At The Big Left's Lie.

By Rick Hayes

Regardless of race, is it possible that everyone can agree that people who commit crimes are more likely to encounter Police? And can everyone further agree that criminals who resist arrest are more likely to be shot by Police than criminals who do not resist arrest?

Democrats, B.L.M., and Antifa, with the full backing of the propaganda media, have pushed the popular but false narrative that innocent black people minding their own business are routinely shot and killed by Police simply because they were black.

There may never have been a more deadly deception sold to the black community than the myth that says systemic racism exists in the United States, especially in law enforcement.

The shame of it is that anyone listening to CNN or reading the New York Times would naturally come away with the firm belief that thousands of unarmed black men are slaughtered in the streets of the United States by Police.

To put things into proper perspective, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were 6.5 million police interactions with Black people in 2018.

According to The Washington Post, in 2019, Police killed 13 unarmed Black people. That same year according to the F.B.I., 2,574 black people were killed by other black people.

Every death is tragic, but those statistics clearly show Police in this country do not kill people based on the color of their skin. They also show that the media focuses nearly 100 percent of its coverage on .50 percent of the homicides involving black people.

Statistics reveal the lie but what statistics don't uncover is why Democrats and the Left perpetuate that lie.

The neglected massacre that occurs every week in places like Chicago, Baltimore, and St.Louis is the real injustice in and to the black community. The inexcusable silence by the media and black leadership regarding the carnage is a nasty mixture of greed, ignorance, and incomprehensible soulless ideology.

The media have discussed Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and George Floyd with a sense of reverence. As if these men bravely fought injustice and gave up their lives to better the lives of all black people in the country.

Democrats, the Left, and the propaganda media portrayed each individual's circumstance as an avoidable death, and in some regard, they are correct.

What B.L.M. and the Democrats will never tell you is WHY the deaths of all three men were preventable. The truth is, had Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and George Floyd not committed a crime and not resisted arrest, they would all be alive today.

B.L.M., Democrats and the media distort reality to have black Americans believe Police officers are gunning for them. The big lie is repeated because it deflects where the real blame belongs while making many Democrats and some black leaders wealthy and powerful.

B.L.M. says that they are all about benefiting black people, which is partially true. B.L.M.'s co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors is a black person, and she certainly has benefited from B.L.M. She recently proudly announced her purchase of million-dollar luxury homes. But what about blacks dodging bullets or struggling to make ends meet? Did they benefit from B.L.M.? Well, not so much.

Imagine if the black community knew the truth. The truth that Democrat-run cities pour millions of dollars into failing education systems, which leads to unemployment. That Democrat-run cities destroy human dignity by handing out free money, kill families by replacing the father with government benefits, and destroy small businesses by artificially increasing the minimum wage.

If the black community knew the truth, B.L.M., Antifa, and Maxine Waters would no longer be needed, and Al Sharpton would be out of a job. The black family would come together and with it a prosperous and bright future. But for that to happen, the black community must first unite with the conservative movement and reject liberal Democrat policies.

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