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Marxist Propaganda Alliance (MPA)

Words matter more than just a way of communicating. They convey an image and an impression of what is being said.

One way Americans have always communicated was through the media, but America currently needs valid media. Sure, you can find some truth, such as the weather or sports score. But what Americans consider the media is a well-organized apparatus whose primary function is dismantling American values and promoting Marxist ideology.

As such, all left-wing organizations pretending to convey actual news should be appropriately identified as part of a Marxist Propaganda Alliance (MPA).

Fox's Sean Hannity uses the term "Media Mob," while President Trump prefers "Fake News." Although accurate, both terminologies give the listener a false perception that a legitimate news organization has become corrupt when they actually have nothing to do with news and everything to do with pure propaganda.

How we identify the originator of propaganda spells the difference between immediate understanding and confusion regarding the resulting information.

CNN can be more accurately identified as MPA's CNN, while The New York Times is better referred to as MPA's New York Times. This way, the listener automatically understands that the information from these collaborations is based on promoting Marxism and eliminating the United States Constitution.

Substituting the acromion MPA for the word media when referring to propaganda organizations is a giant step toward a clearer understanding of the information one will encounter.

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