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  • Rick Hayes

Maybe We Need New Laws For Democrats

By Rick Hayes

Another long and protracted major investigation into criminal activity involving high ranking Democrats and law enforcement officials in Washington is about to conclude which means Conservatives should be prepared for yet another disappointing "innocent of all wrongdoing" conclusion.

Perhaps the time has come for Congress to face the facts and, for the sake of cutting costs and saving time, the laws should be rewritten to reflect the reality that Liberal Democrats are untouchable and above the law.

For those who would oppose making it legal for Democrats to break the law because the country would suffer catastrophic consequences,

it should be pointed out that this reality already exists although not on paper in any official capacity. But by having the law actually on the books, virtually everything would stay the same except the taxpayer would be spared funding the cost of wasteful investigations.

Think of the benefits if right from the start Liberal Democrats were entirely within their rights as Democrats, to legally stage a coup against a sitting President they didn't agree with or didn't like. The country would still have had to suffer two long years of undercover Russian Collusion lies, lying to the FISA court, and hours of fake news reports, but it would have all been perfectly legal for them to do so and so no need for Barr to commence an additional costly and wasteful investigation into the investigators.

And Hillary would have been entirely within her legal right as a Liberal Democrat to create an unsecured private server at her home and send classified documents however and wherever she wanted. The beneficial outcome for Hillary would have been the same , but there would have been no need for lengthy wasteful hearings or for her to have destroyed all of her expensive evidence because there would have been no investigation. The same would also go for Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS crimes. To her credit, it was only Lois lerner that took complete advantage of knowing the fix was in by wasting none of her precious time talking to Congress.

When Lerner publically told Congress and the American people that she was a wonderful person who never did anything wrong and then politely waved goodbye as she walked out the door she was following unwritten rules she had always understood to be true. Unbeknownst to her, Lerner was offering the American people and newly elected officials a clear example of how ineffective and wasteful congressional hearings are when dealing with Democrats and how quickly and easily conflicts disappear when laws are officially changed to allow Democrats to obliterate the law and hold the Constitution in complete contempt.

Realizing the fact that Democrats are already treated as if they are above the law would allow society to prepare for a certain amount of lost revenue and increased taxes because of the anticipated thievery and pilfering.

Congress can call the new law "Liberals Above The Law" or (LAL) where besides being able to break the law, they could also say anything they wanted which already reflects a current-day reality. Many things wouldn't change all that much, like the media, for instance, would still be the propaganda arm of the DNC and automatically side with Liberal Democrats on any slanderous accusations they commit.

Also, Congressional oversite committees would still exist except they would only have to deal with Republican issues. The court calendars would be significantly reduced, and elections would quickly go in favor of Democrats as they could finally conduct voter fraud out in the open. There would still be a need for courts and prisons since there would always be a conservative presence in Congress.

By enacting a law that would allow Liberal Democrats to break the law is effective cost-cutting and freeing up the time Congress spends on useless investigations. But perhaps the most significant benefit of all is that for the first time, Liberal Democrats would actually be following the law, granted it would be because they are breaking the law, but nevertheless, it would be some adherence.

Of course, the above is an absurd satire regarding how many Americans feel about the mountain of injustices many law-abiding citizens face.

By not holding guilty parties accountable for perpetrating outrageously devastating crimes, especially conducting a coup against the President we are merely delaying the destruction of the Republic and the country; something Leftists are very eager to accomplish.

The anticipated findings of the Barr investigation into FISA abuse will shape the future direction of the country for many generations. The only acceptable and justifiable results for what the country was put through and for the safety of the future of the Republic is that all of the conspirators determined to be involved in the plot against the President to be found guilty of treason.

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