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  • Rick Hayes

Needing another miracle on ice.

By Rick Hayes

Under the Presidency of Jimmy Carter, The United States had hit rock bottom in terms of morale.

It was a time of inflation and a weak economy resulting in stagflation. Iranian students were holding Americans hostage, Russians had invaded Afghanistan, and America was experiencing an energy crisis.

Around this dismal period in 1980, the winter Olympics were taking place in Lake Placid, NY. One of the anticipated competitions of the games revolved around hockey, specifically a showdown between a raw and inexperienced team of American amateur athletes and the favored and feared professional team from the Soviet Union.

To put the matchup in perspective, at the time, the U.S Olympic program produced one gold medal in 1960 while the Soviet program had won five consecutive Olympic gold medals going back to 1964.

The 1980 team from America did not play together before being selected for the Olympics. The Soviets had spent most of the year together, dominated the sport, and had beaten a team of professional NHL Allstars that included 20 future Hall of Famers. There was no reason to believe that the game would turn out any other way than a complete one-sided rout with the Soviets destroying the young Americans.

In the end, the kids from the U.S. beat the odds by defeating the premier hockey elites from the Soviet Union, ultimately becoming Olympic champions. And with that victory, they elevated the spirits and direction of the entire nation. America suddenly became a different country because it finally had something to cheer about.

Today, possibly even more than when Carter was in the Oval Office, America needs another miracle on ice. Not exclusively a victory via sports competition, but perhaps through the actions of average Americans stepping up and carrying the torch of freedom.

Conceivably that "miracle on ice" can come in the form of parents uniting and standing together and protecting their children from the evil teachings of CRT. Maybe that miracle can present itself as an "American caravan" that heads to the southern border to work together and complete the construction of the border fence.

But the fact is that something of unusual significance needs to happen. In desperate times, some individuals don't ask for permission, don't look to others for guidance, but rise to the occasion and change the direction of history.

America has always overcome its past challenges because America's foundational system is built upon and encourages initiative, vision, and individual leadership through freedom and opportunity.

In such a system, America has been the beneficiary of the fruits of the freedom it protects. The reaping of the exceptional talents and capabilities of its sons and daughters perpetuates the American spirit.

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