• Rick Hayes

NO Investigations, Please.

By Rick Hayes

Although many Americans are demanding investigations into the embarrassing fiasco in Afghanistan, there are many reasons to forgo such a path.

Americans are rightly weary and tired of years of politically motivated false investigations into the Russian collusion and Ukrainian Quid pro quo witch-hunts. And Americans are also drained of investigations involving real crimes that go nowhere. Armed with this experience of how things turn out when the swamp is in control, Americans should abstain from looking into Afghanistan.

First, an investigation would showcase how utterly corrupt, weak, and incompetent the Biden Administration is for the world and our enemies to see and exploit.

Second, the people in charge of the policies that led to the catastrophic failure in Kabul are Democrats. As such, like it or not, they are above the law and protected by the powerful propaganda media. Consider every investigation in the recent past involving Democrats who committed blatant felonies such as Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and James Comey. Anything happen to these folks?

Finally, what is happening in Afganistan, at our southern border, and our economy is the result of the Supreme Court and many members in Congress allowing a fraudulent election to stand. And no investigation into Afghanistan can reverse the historic collapse of the U.S. election process.

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