• Rick Hayes

No Reason To Trust The Results.

By Rick Hayes

Reasonable and clear-thinking Americans understand that patients suffering from COVID-19 should not be treated with the same medications as patients infected with the common seasonal flu. However, the same logic does not apply to today's propaganda media. A media that wants to treat as routine, an unprecedented election with millions of extra controversial mail-in ballots, in numbers never before imagined in election history.

The airwaves are filled every minute of every day with fraudulent statements by propaganda media, saying that the President is endangering democracy for not quickly accepting the 2020 election results. However, making sure that America's elections are honest and accurate, are at the heart of democracy.

The apparent rush to propel Joe Biden into the White House has exposed the fake media and their attempt to create an artificial reconciliation timeline out of thin air.

Common sense dictates that it will take more time to investigate millions of more ballots. Yet, the propaganda media behaves like a self-appointed judge scolding the defendant for not accepting a decision even though the jury didn't hear all of the evidence.

The audacity of today's fake media is without equal. They brazenly want Americans to believe that it would be appropriate for President Trump to concede the election even in the face of massive irregularities. They want Americans to trust the certainty of the election results from organizations that lied about Russian collusion for three years and ignored and suppressed all evidence regarding Joe Biden's corrupt dealings with Communist China and Ukraine. Really?

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