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  • Rick Hayes

No Way For Trump To Win in 2024.

Many of the 74 million Americans who voted to re-elect Donald Trump would probably be thrilled to vote for the President again if he decided to run in 2024.

That's unfortunate because the President would have a zero chance of winning four years from now. Why is that? It has nothing to do with his age or the anticipated disastrous performance of Biden's term.

Trumps' first four years in office were historic. His promises were kept, his accomplishments were borderline unimaginable, and he exceeded every expectation.

Trump delivered, and the American people responded with unprecedented spontaneous rallies and massive voter turnout. Trump outperformed his 2016 winning performance and increased his share of the Black, Hispanic, and Jewish vote, and the markets responded by hitting record highs.

By every reasonable account, Trump should be preparing for his second term in office. Instead, he will be exiting the oval office, never to return.

But it's not only Trump that will never have a chance at the Presidency; it's any American independent of the Washington swamp.

The 2020 Presidential election results should be seen in a vastly different light from any previous election in the nation's history. On the one side were hard-working, patriotic Americans with a President who fought for the people. A President who prized American values, life in the womb, legal citizenship, and American exceptionalism.

On the other side were big tech, The Department of Injustice, a corrupt Supreme Court, and a propaganda organization pretending to be the media.

Trump and the American voter followed the law and played by the rules, but it was all for naught.

The uncomfortable realization Americans must face is that even after the swamp got caught red-handed stealing the election, nothing happened. And so they will steal every future election with the same unabashed, impertinence they had in their successful theft in 2020.

As a result, voter theft will become the norm. Change only occurs when the guilty are punished. But instead, the treasonist criminals have been handsomely rewarded. Thus, true American elections are a thing of the past.

The simple and horrifying truth is that Trump or any Conservative for that matter, can't win in 2024 or beyond. America has become a total lawless nation without a Constitution. Freedoms will now evaporate as fast as a droplet in the wastelands.

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