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  • Rick Hayes

One More Theft Left.

While a vast majority of hard-working Americans conduct their daily lives with dignity and fairness toward others, such is not the case with those on the left.

Although less in number, leftists win many battles because they play politics in a world that is unfamiliar, unsettling, and ruthlessly repugnant to most Americans.

As an example, morality and ethical behavior were absent during the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings. It was one of the most transparent insights into the "take no prisoners." approach to getting what you want by the left.

Without a speck of evidence or regard for the truth, the left mercilessly attacked and slandered Kavanaugh in front of the nominee's family. At a time that should be filled with career recognition and dignity, the left sunk deep into the sewer of the swamp claiming the nominee was a serial rapist and drug pusher.

The destruction of Kavanaugh's reputation was made complete by the leftist Democrat propaganda networks, aka "the media." Somehow the left didn't seek the death penalty, and Kavanaugh narrowly made it through, but impeachment was quickly put on the future table.

Kavanaugh was lucky, not because he was innocent but because Republicans had a majority in the Senate.

The left will undoubtedly steal the two Georgia senate seats this January to rectify a tragedy in their eyes.

Just as many in the country warned of the now infamous 2020 Presidential election theft, many are warning of the Georgia senate theft. But to no avail.

As if in a hypnotic trance, the country is sleepwalking into another stolen election. The left has proven that it will do whatever it takes to destroy the Republic. Wildly successful in stealing the Presidential election, the left is only two senate seats away from complete victory. Does any clear-thinking American believe they will stop now?

This time the left will be even more blatantly transparent in their quest to steal the election. They know that the country is without a Department of Justice; hence there will be no repercussions for their actions.

The only thing the country will be allowed to know since the country is also without a real reporting media is that Georgia fairly elected two Democrat senators.

There is a remedy to stop the theft from happening in Georgia and put the country back to some semblance of rational behavior, but that will never happen.

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