• Rick Hayes

President Biden's Success Moves America Forward.

By Rick Hayes

Afghanistan's conditions clearly show that President Biden has ushered in a new progressive form of cooperation between The United States and others worldwide.

No longer hindered by President Trump's backward and racist "America First" attitude, Biden is showing the way how a self-hating superpower can take orders from a throw-back terrorist organization.

Because of Biden's progressive, leading-from-behind stance, championed by Democrats, America has been given "permission" by the Taliban to conduct rescue operations of American Citizens temporarily. Perhaps, the Taliban can be swayed with American tax money to allow American troops to raise and lower the American flag over Kabul Airport.

This new strategy of America second can have similar benefits on the home front. Possibly Mexican drug cartels will allow The United States military to transport their fentanyl to the interior parts of the country efficiently. Or allow the U.S. to dismantle its border fence so that the smuggling of underaged sex slaves can be expedited.

The possibilities of this kind of global relationship with third-world dictators and mass murderers are endless. And to think, 74 million Americans didn't vote for this kind of progressive globalist way of leading.

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