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Respecting the victims of 9/11

The world changed forever nineteen years ago today, and we were more united as a country after the attacks than we are today.

In a real sense, the attacks that began on that beautiful sunny morning 19 years ago continue today as the brave men and women who joined the first responders' ranks continue to die from the toxic conditions found at ground zero.

We owe it to those who died that day and every day since then and to those struggling with severe health conditions because of that day to continue to ask the tough questions regardless of the political fallout bravely.

World Trade Center Building 7:

To put this little known total collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 into perspective, it was a modern 47 story high-rise steel-framed building taller than any building in 33 states, with 40 thousand tons of structural steel. It was not hit by a plane and only had scattered fires on mostly the south side of the building, yet it fell symmetrically in 6.5 seconds. The official story is that WTC 7 collapsed due to the failure of column 79 on the 12th Floor causing the entire building to drop at the same time.

WTC 7 met all of the building codes when constructed in the mid 1980's. It was the third steel-framed building in world history to experience a total collapse due to office fires. The first and second time such a total collapse was known to have occurred with steel-framed buildings was WTC buildings one and two. No steel-framed building in the entire world has ever had a complete collapse before or since 9/11.

So how did WTC 7 collapse? The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created a computer-generated model with detailed drawings and calculations. Based on information obtained from the NIST report by Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey, Professor, Civil Engineering Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, data along with drawings from both the NIST models and the WTC 7 buildings' construction drawings explained the collapse.

According to NIST, a girder lost vertical support when the bearing seat no longer supported it. The bearing seat at Column 79 was stated to be 11 in. wide. Thus, when the girder end at Column 79 had been pushed laterally at least 5.5 in., it was no longer supported by the bearing seat. (NIST later changed the width to 12in.)

When WTC 7 was constructed, it used what is called "Partial Height Web Stiffeners." (SEE DRAWING) These stiffeners were utilized so that column buckling would be prevented from happening. But buckling occurred, so NIST removed the Partial Height Web Stiffeners from its computer model.

However, WTC 7 also had side plates on their columns constructed to prevent the girders from sliding, (SEE DRAWING), which NIST said happened and originated the collapse. So the other reason the NIST computer model works is that NIST also removed those side plates in its model, thus explaining how the girder slid off, causing the entire building to collapse.

We keep hearing that the pilots of 9/11 were inexperienced. And that these pilots were so poorly skilled that they could not rent a Cessna.

Far from not being able to fly a Cessna, the 9/11 hijackers must have been highly skilled expert pilots because they performed maneuvers in commercial airliners better than today's professional airline pilots said they could fly. More importantly, many of the best military fighter pilots in the country, "Top Gun fighter pilots," stated they could not have performed the maneuvers made by the hijackers'.

It should also be pointed out that the hijackers, aside from being expert pilots, were also highly skilled assassins able to quickly and calmly kill young, healthy male pilots. The latter fighting for the safety of their aircraft and their lives.

And regardless of the enormous amount of blood that must have been all over the cockpit instruments, seats, and floor, they flew flawlessly into their intended targets.

Other interesting facts regarding 9/11 that perhaps the country will never find out are why explosives were discovered in the dust of ground zero.

Or why the fires below the rubble at ground zero burned for so long that in a November 19, 2001 piece by the New York Times, it was stated that some firefighting experts were calling the fire the "longest commercial building fire in United States history."

Nevertheless, all Americans must always push back on those wanting to cancel 9/11 services. And remember those victims who perished on that horrible and tragic day on such a beautiful day in September.

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