• Rick Hayes

Rule Number One - "The Swamp Owns The System."

By Rick Hayes

We underestimate our enemy at our peril.

In 2021, the phrase "The Swamp owns the system." should be seared into the minds of every freedom-loving American. That muck and filth include U.S. government officials who leave office as millionaires.

The media is a powerful tool of the Swamp that shapes public opinion and perception. Nearly every major network and newsgroup in this country is dominated by wealthy fat cats and far-left socialist radicals within the Democrat party.

The worst kept secret is that there is no Justice Department. What is currently pretending to be the Justice Department is performing the same duties as the feared Nazi Gestapo did during WWII. Average Americans can no longer speak freely about government corruption, and they can no longer rely on fair and balanced treatment by this dangerous puppet of the Swamp.

There are two distinctly different legal systems running parallel operations in The United States. For Americans who believe in The Constitution, imprisonment without charges and charges without crimes is the reality.

Because of rule number one, rule number two provides that - No person loyal to the Swamp will suffer the consequences of their actions.

For anti-American Leftists, there is essentially no crime needed to be avoided. If the facts point toward guilt, the facts will be altered. If the language used by the Left exposes their bias, hypocrisy, and hate, the definitions and context of the words will be modified.

Like it or not, believe it or not, we are at war.

Not a war with the right against left, Democrat vs. Republican but a war between the powerful and the powerless. A battle between good and evil. While everyday Americans drown in debt and obey unconstitutional mandates, those in charge spend their time ignoring the laws they set and creating novel and deceitful approaches to divide the conquered.

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