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  • Rick Hayes

Stop Talking About Elections.

By Rick Hayes

If you were told you could no longer eat, would you spend time searching for the best cookbook? The establishment left revealed to conservatives that their votes no longer count, yet conservatives still discuss strategies for the 2022 election and whether Trump will run in 2024.

On programs such as Fox News, Americans learn how Democrat policies are destroying American minorities, women, and children. How gas prices are rising, the border is collapsing, and lockdowns are political.

And because Democrats are ruining the country, talk show hosts and their conservative guests routinely pronounce about how the nation will turn to Republican leadership when the damage caused by Democrats has taken its toll. But such is not going to be the case.

Conservative political advisors still haven't grasped the reality that fair elections in America are a thing of the past. And it does not matter how great the policies are or who is running on the Republican ticket.

The American voter may want better jobs, border security, and better healthcare, but it depends on who is in control.

The left had the chutzpah to take full charge of the system and applied it by easily stealing the 2020 Presidential election. The rule of law completely broke down, and without any real media to point out the glaring theft, it was all quickly condoned, sanctioned, and celebrated.

President Trump accomplished everything he needed to win, and Joe Biden did everything possible to lose. And yet......Joseph Stalin was proven correct when he said, "Those who vote decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything."

Conservatives can buy the best fishing hooks, rods, and bait, but the left controls the boat.

And so, because the madness of having no voter IDs, allowing massive mail-in ballots, and the policy of having anyone change election laws at any time will remain, the left will always win. The left controls the system. And that includes the lawless election process.

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