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  • Rick Hayes

Suicidal or Homicidal?

By Rick Hayes

Last week the French magazine "Le Spectacle Du Monde" ran a cover story entitled "The Suicide of America." Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage spoke on a cable news network and stated he believes the French may be correct.

Of course, the French and other European countries have their problems with liberal suicidal policies, so they should know a thing or two about the destructive path America is speeding down.

But is it suicidal or homicidal?

In a few short weeks, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich will determine if the 2020 Presidential election in Arizona was filled with fraud or was adequately conducted. The propaganda media has spewed out the misinformation narrative that the recently concluded Arizona audit proved Biden cleanly won Arizona - False.

The mission of the Arizona audit was to collect all the information about the election and not draw any conclusions. The reason AG Brnovich will find massive fraud is twofold.

First, anyone following the audit findings will immediately understand that although the total votes were in favor of Biden, those votes were besieged with irregularities and outright fraud.

Second, Biden ran on a platform filled with policies designed to destroy the Republic. The President hid nothing and held nothing back about his goals to spend America into oblivion, open the borders and provide free healthcare and education to anyone entering the country.

Many Americans may not have liked President Trump's tweets, but that doesn't make them turn a blind eye to their economic self-interests and safety concerns for themselves and their family.

The French magazine's cover would be more accurate if it focused on the maniacal wishes for the American way of life by leftist Democrats now controlling the damaged space between President Biden's ears.

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