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  • Rick Hayes

The 2022 Midterm Elections Are a mirage.

By Rick Hayes

Every Republican candidate responding to questions about the failing economy, soaring crime rates, and draconian Covid mandates have reminded their voters with the words, "Wait till the 2022 midterms." But voters shouldn't hold their breaths; there might not be a savior in November. And here's why.

Democrats relinquish power as easily as the Confederate South gave up their slaves. And Republicans have disappointed their constituents time after time once they are given power.

The mainstream media and the American educational system are powerful propaganda tools for the Democrat Party, and they have been working overtime for the last several decades. Because of their efforts, millions of brainwashed Americans believe Biden orchestrated a successful withdrawal from Afghanistan, that Biden is at the helm of a robust economy, and halting the spread of Covid.

So, according to leftist Democrats and anyone attending a liberal university, the good times are just beginning and need to continue. And to save American democracy, these useful idiots now believe President Biden must focus his attention on their version of securing voting rights even though those measures will vaporize the U.S. Constitution and end the Republic.

Elections, even stolen ones, have consequences, and the 2020 election might be viewed in history as the last election that people had a real choice. Just as in China and Russia, The United States is on the verge of pretend elections in perpetuity where the Democrat party predictably wins.

Many Americans hated the conflict and confrontation that surrounded the Trump Presidency, and it didn't seem to matter that it was Democrats and the media initiating the conflict. So, they voted for who they believed would calm things down and be a unifier.

The American people demanded tranquility and gave up a healthy economy. They required nicely worded tweets and bargained away a peaceful Middle East. It was "Uncle Joe" over "The Donald." And because of those priorities, the nation is poised to leap into the certainty of having a one-party rule.

The poignant statement in all of this is the one offered by Benjamin Franklin, who said: "Those who would give up liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

There is no doubt that getting rid of the filibuster and packing the court are tall orders, but we have seen in the past that Democrats are not hindered by laws or protocol. And we see an illegal open border policy that by itself can tip the scales in favor of Democrats.

As time passes, the 2022 midterm elections look more like a mirage. Their image of hope and promise for sanity fade the closer they get.

Today's leftist Democrats accept a scorched earth policy as the only way to play a deadly game where the winner takes all. While Republicans cower in their Washington offices, Democrats will use every legal and illegal method to hold power with the assistance of their media. After that, the Supreme Court gets packed and becomes marginalized.

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