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  • Rick Hayes

The ability to see the truth

By Rick Hayes

America is in the middle of its second civil war.

It is not Democrat vs. Republican. Today's American civil war is not about slavery but about whether the country should remain and continue as a Constitutional Republic.

In simplistic terms, policies, and positions, based on beliefs dictate which side of the conflict an individual is on regardless of political affiliation.

The country is now experiencing an open borders policy, and those in favor should realize the dire consequences of their position. There is no freedom of expression or freedom from oppression for people who enter a country that will no longer exist and have those freedoms to offer. It is akin to continually heaping people into an overcrowded and sinking boat to survive the rough seas.

No free country can withstand the number of illegal immigrants currently flooding America's southern border. No free country can remain free when its leadership disregards the law.

With estimates that between two to three million illegal immigrants will enter the country by the end of 2021, it is impossible to escape the fact that opening the southern border is a policy designed to end the Republic.

Putting aside the increased deaths due to hundreds of thousands of Covid positive people secretly being shuttled to all corners of the country and the thousands of deaths from the massive increase in fentanyl overdoses, opening the border is against the law.

If illegal immigration remains at the current rate, the 2022 election will be a moot point.

The U.S. Constitution only exists when it is followed, and it protects those who protect it.

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