• Rick Hayes

The Bell Tolls

By Rick Hayes

For nearly three hundred years, The United States was by far the most powerful and benevolent country on the planet. A country guided by the most unique and ingenious document ever created by man called The United States Constitution. But the Constitution had one major flaw; to be functional, it needed to be protected by honest and moral people. There are no such animals in Washington DC.

The imminent collapse of America can be traced to a few main factors. Elections cost money, and because campaign donations and greed rule Washington, Lobbyists and the demands of the powerful special interest groups own most of the United States Congress. As such, American citizens' interests and well-being are not a priority, and major corporations immediately move to the front of the line.

How many crimes can go unpunished before faith in the system crumbles? Whatever that number is, it appears the U.S. has reached it. For decades, Americans have witnessed perpetually unchecked corruption by members of Congress. Elected leaders ignoring the law and getting rich. Free to commit multiple crimes, while middle-class Americans suffer maximum punishments for infractions insignificant in comparison.

If lying were a sport, the United States Congress would be recognized as supreme champion. Lying to the American people has sunken to levels previously thought impossible to reach. The lies have gotten more flagrant and are told without a shred of fear or shame.

It is only with the assistance of corporate-owned media that Washington's corruption flourishes.

But the unfortunate fantasy that many Americans hold on to is that the country can bounce back after the 2022 elections. It can't.

Before the midterm elections, close to three million new Democrat voters will be strategically positioned into swing states courtesy of the continued open southern border. This reality alone ends any opposition to the Democrat Party not for this election cycle but in perpetuity.

With their sweeping 2022 victories, Democrats will make sure the border remains open. Entitlements to millions of immigrants entering the country each year will place enormous financial burdens on the middle class.

The Democrats' Green New Deal will devastate consumers' energy costs and cause higher expenses for goods and services. Before the 2024 elections arrive, many middle-class members will be forced into bankruptcy, while others will fall out of the middle-class ranks.

Many Americans still do not understand that just as the embarrassing disaster in Afghanistan was the desired outcome, so is the economic collapse of the middle class.

What Americans consider to be poor economic strategies and misguided border security is an intentional pursuit by the left to plunder the resources of the ordinary citizen.

This collapse of working-class Americans is one of the coveted outcomes of the Democrats' plans for redistributing the nation's wealth. With it, America becomes a socialist state and its people permanent subjects of the elite ruling class.

The powers that destroyed this country were both massive and committed. And for too many years, Americans were passive and uninvolved.

It appears that America has passed the point of no return and the question now is how long the doomed ship can stay afloat.

Americans may not be able to save themselves or their country. Still, they can offer a blueprint for future generations on why involvement, accountability, and a free press are critical to sustaining a Republic.

The hope is that somewhere a future generation will have the foresight and courage to try to emulate what America's founding fathers envisioned while benefiting from how that vision was shattered in this country.

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