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  • Rick Hayes

The Coronavirus exposes the Left's Insanity Virus.

Political correctness is the Iron fist in the velvet glove. The Left is shamelessly using the current crisis to advance their insane agenda of toppling the President and dissolving America from within. Just like the Coronavirus, the Left's ideology virus spreads fast via the leftist media and universities and kills both figuratively and actually.

Only an insane ideology rejects objective facts for the sake of increased influence.

An example of this genuinely embarrassing practice was the constant questioning by ABC News' Cecilia Vega, where she asks President Trump why he calls the Coronavirus originating in China as the Chinese Coronavirus. More than just disrespectful, Vega's questioning implied that the President was a racist for stating a fact. As talk show host Ben Shapiro once said, facts do not care about feelings.

But Leftist ideology is not only dangerous since the Coronavirus emergency exposes how deadly it often is. How mentally stable can a doctrine be that continues to call for open borders during a worldwide infectious outbreak or asks everyone to pretend to ignore where the pandemic originated?

If a leftist democrat were in office today, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans would be infected at this moment. There would be many more thousands of fatalities. So following the leftist, politically correct agenda has far-reaching implications since death is as real and truthful as it gets. Insanity is an extremely accurate word to describe leftist beliefs.

Not according to Cecilia Vega, but according to reality, nothing can replace or should be held higher than the truth. When the President or anyone else for that matter identifies the Coronavirus as the Chinese Coronavirus, it should be seen as merely telling the truth. And it is incumbent upon individuals to discover the truth, in as much as it is possible. Finding the truth means questioning, testing, and analyzing…in short, it involves effort on the part of the individual to go beyond what is being heard. A well-known message that illustrates the importance of proper action states, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

There is an embarrassing fact as to why so many good Americans fall victim to political correctness. The Leftist media has the unique ability to reach millions of people and shape opinions regarding the reputation of an individual.

When many Americans can let go of the preoccupation with protecting their ego and are no longer afraid of what people say or think about them, the power of political correctness once holding them hostage will vanish. Americans may be right or wrong as far as the facts are concerned, but for sure, they will no longer be slaves to the insane opinions of the Left.

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