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  • Rick Hayes

The Coup that began in 2016 continues today.

When one considers the extent to which the swamp has relentlessly tried to overcome the people's will, like it or not, it shows an unusually high level of commitment and perseverance that is lacking in conservative circles.

Throughout history, there is an abundance of examples where fascist groups have fought against the odds and have achieved success, and gained ultimate power.

The well-coordinated, amply funded Russian collusion phase of the Coup against the United States' Presidency lasted from late-2016 until the Russia investigation Mueller probe ended in March 2019.

By all accounts, the Russian collusion Coup wasted time and resources and failed miserably. It was hastily followed by the second Coup attempt in September 2019, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House would conduct an obviously pre-judged, kangaroo-court style impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and Ukraine's activities.

The Coup conspirators disgracefully abused the tools of impeachment; however, although the Democrat propaganda media supported the coup attempt, it too failed in February 2020 when the Senate acquitted the President.

It can not be overstated that when crimes go unpunished, they escalate in both scope and number. And, since there have been no repercussions for the bold and shameless attempts to overthrow the U.S. government, the swamp conspirators have raised the ante, and now the country finds itself in one of the worst election crisis in modern history.

President Trump had no part in initiating, prolonging, or fostering the never-ending chaos that engulfed the nation for nearly four years. Having a propaganda media network to help advertise the plethora of baseless allegations against the President, Democrats cleverly portrayed the victim as the culprit.

Aside from vulnerable election machines and questionable software, incomprehensible quantities of mail-in ballots flooded inadequately staffed and partisan election processing locations.

Democrats changed the election process to one that was unworkable, and, with the assistance of their propaganda media organizations, they blamed the foreseeable problems created by them on the President. Evil but still genius.

Although they had campaigned for four years on tightening up the election process, Democrats supported by propaganda media made the 2020 Presidential election the easiest to compromise in election history.

As if foolishly sending out signed blank checks, for the first time in U.S. election history, millions of ballots that were not requested by the voters were mailed throughout the country. Anyone was able to obtain and manipulate official election ballots. Tens of thousands of ballots were sent to wrong addresses and to people who had passed away.

Every step of the way, Democrat leaders opposed the verification process of the unprecedented mail-in votes being counted. They compounded that disgraceful process by refusing meaningful oversight of the mail-in ballot count as well as any re-counts.

It was an illegitimate election free-for-all with ballot harvesting and no verified signatures required. And it was all planned.

If the fraudulent election of 2020 is allowed to stand, it will spell the end of honest elections and will symbolize the end of the Republic. There is no room or reason for allowing even one dishonest result of an illegitimate election to count.

The stress of the first two coup attempts has exhausted many Americans—average citizens who want it all to end and get back to their everyday lives. So although the law and the Constitution may have been shattered, it may come down to "which side wants it more." that will decide the next occupant in the White House.

Can the honest American people hold on for another two months? And why should they? Many conservative Americans have openly and honestly stated that the 2020 Presidential election would be the last they participate in.

Can Americans be blamed for the feeling that elections are fake? When millions of clear-thinking Americans can readily surmise the perpetration of the most significant voter theft in the countries history, and no one is held accountable.

The left is unrelenting in their quest for power because power is all there is for them. They have stated in their literature their hatred for god, family, and this country. For them, there is no afterlife or final judgment. There is only politics and power.

To concede, the 2020 fraudulent Presidental election will be the equivalent of passing the Enabling Act of 1933. There will be no chance or hope to oppose anti-American leftist policies in the future, and the country will quickly spiral out of control.

Nevertheless, life in the United States continues, and yes, there will be mountains of negative propaganda against the President who refuses to accept fraud. Conservative Americans are in the final round of this four-year-old Presidental election fight that is still undecided, where there will inevitably be a winner.

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