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  • Rick Hayes

The Daily Bugle vs. The New York Times

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Motion pictures are great at allowing audiences to escape reality and the suffering of everyday life. Only in the fantasyland of Hollywood can the mighty receive justice at the hands of the weak and "irrelevant."   Even as little children, we understand that influential people are handled differently. They are treated better than the rest of society. They have the resources and connections to escape the consequences of their actions. Washington, D.C., is the mecca for disappointment for those believing equal justice still exists. It's a place where white marble buildings and architectural brilliance belies the underbelly of corruption and greed. It's one of the main reasons, so many Hollywood movies dealing with politics have great success at the box office.  Cinematography can put a criminal politician behind bars but no so the Department of Justice. In the real world, emails and hard drives are erased, laptops and iPhones containing critical evidence of wrongdoing are destroyed, and justice evaporates like a raindrop in the desert.    The reasons for this new lawlessness are many, but if Americans are ever to have a chance to reclaim some semblance of fairness, one fact must be faced. And that is the reality that The United States government is without a watchdog. This country lacks what every free society must have to remain free, a sovereign, and impartial media.    In place of a reliable source of information, what the country now has is a network of business entities applying the communication industry's enormous influence to distribute pure propaganda to benefit itself. This network, of unelected billionaires, heads of corporations, and elite members in the banking industry, acts as the official gatekeeper of what kinds of information is allowed to be seen by the American public. Just as in the Robert DeNiro movie "Wag The Dog.", if the media says something happened, then it happened, and if the media doesn't report on an issue, it never existed.  In the 1994 classic movie, "Shawshank Redemption," imagine if the movie's local newspaper, The Daily Bugle, that broke the corruption scandal at Shawshank had the same unethical standards as today's New York Times? Undoubtedly, the evidence of corruption and murder against jailhouse Warden Samuel Norton, played by actor Bob Gunton would go nowhere if Norton were a leftist Democrat.  If anything were published, it would only be that convict Andy Dufresne played by Tim Robbins, had escaped. Conceivably, to keep the focus on Dufresne and away from Norton, The Times would add, without any supporting evidence, that Dufresne was some Russian agent. And that would be it.   Thankfully in making this great ending to a terrific movie, the writers decided to have the Daily Bugle act nothing like today's New York Times.  Similarly, the only reason the name Anthony Bobulinski and the highly questionable business dealings of Joe and Hunter Biden with China are known to the public is that one media outlet decided to report it. The credible newsworthy story was abandoned by nearly every news organization in the country. Had this one news outlet not covered the story, it would have been just another raindrop of information evaporated and forgotten on the hot sidewalks of Washington. Did Hillary Clinton have conflicting financial dealings with China?  Who knows. Is there evidence that in early 2019, Democrats had information that China was considering releasing COVID-19 to derail the Trump economy?  Who knows.   If the propaganda networks sit on any evidence for political purposes, then reality, but not necessarily the truth, is altered.  Americans can only react and respond to what they know.  This country is precariously close to having a complete blackout of accurate information. And so all Americans must consider that had it not been for a few remaining media outlets reporting the truth, although entirely innocent, George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, and Roger Stone would currently be spending time in Federal prison. And President Trump would have already been removed from office.  On that last point, Democrats and "Never-Trumpers" who believe President Trump's illegal removal would have been justified should be cautious about what they wish for.  If allowed to exist, the propaganda "media" networks that help your cause today can just as quickly send you to the gallows tomorrow.  One thing is for sure that without reliable media, there is no justice. Crimes go unpunished, the wicked become wealthy, and any connected criminal can become President.

(c) 10/2020  R. Hayes


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