• Rick Hayes

Fear Fueling Election Decisions.

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

For the last three years, Leftists have done enormous damage to the country, trying to get the President out of office. Even after using every illegal and radical maneuver in their illicit toolbox, it hasn't been enough.

Despite their complete disregard for the rule of law, a monopoly on news coverage from Dempnets (Democrat Propaganda Networks), and obtaining assistance from deep-pocket leftist contributors, the American economy and President Trump remain intact.

Still, the relentless attacks from the anti-American Democrat left against Trump, and the Constitution has done damage. Quality of life and peace of mind for many Americans has been severely degraded.

In large cities controlled by liberal Democrats, life in the United States has become almost unbearable. Many Americans are rightfully fed up and desperately looking for a way to get back to a healthy, normal life.

Without question, the genesis of the mayhem has evolved solely from the radical left. And although many Americans want to experience the economic progress and positive direction felt in Trump's first term, they also worry that a trump win might escalate the violence and destruction from the left. They fear the power of the left.

Even with Trump as President and the Republicans in control of the Senate, the left had won several significant victories. Victories that give credence to another fear that the swamp can never be drained and will always be a permanent fixture in Washington.

And so the left advances the likely prospect that as long as Trump is in office, the country will have no relief. Never-ending impeachment trials will resume, the BLM riots will proceed, and attacks on conservatives will continue.

So, fearful Republicans might select a kind of artificial harmony over the necessary turbulence real reform requires. They may have entered a battle without understanding the costs. They wanted the swamp drained and thought the swamp would cooperate.

So, Biden has a substantial lead in the polls precisely because he is nowhere to be found and is protected by the Dempnets from any criticism. He may be the most despicable corrupt swamp creature on the planet, but he will receive nothing but glowing reviews.

Political scandal-weary Americans might unknowingly play right into the hands of the left. "Just give us some peace." Exhausted Americans would say. "Stop the partisan hostilities and bring back our shopping, football, and theatre, and we'll vote for whoever the left puts up in November." These Americans would not be taking into account that whatever kind of "peace" they think they're getting by voting for the left, will come at a very steep price.

If the left is successful in November, the moment Trump is banished from office, as if by magic, COVID-19 will somehow subside and be reported as under control. The Black Lives Matter movement will fade into the fabric of society. And all investigations into Hillary's illegal server and the Amerian coup attempt with James Comey, McCabe, and Strzok, as well as all the significant scandals under the Obama administration, will vanish into thin air.

"Peace" for those who surrendered to the mob will finally be realized. And so the NFL will commence playing their games without the traditional National Anthem. Stores will open their doors, and the Broadway lights will shine brightly at night, but the light inside the individual will be gone and replaced with collectivism. Liberty and freedom so courageously fought for and purchased with the blood of generations of brave Americans will have been traded away by cowards in exchange for shiny new prisons.

Those Americans that appease the left to get back to "normal" life will soon reap the meaning behind the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

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