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  • Rick Hayes

Should The Fist Be Last?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

By Rick Hayes

There were many reasons the war between the states occurred. Many southern men fought in the Civil War, not because they believed in slavery, but, as with Confederate General Robert E. Lee, they were against the Federal government infringing on States' rights.

However, later the conflict evolved into one where Americans were either in favor of slavery or against slavery. There was no middle ground, no compromise, and no political method to remedy the vast difference in direction. And so, the impasse was settled through widespread violence. Six hundred and twenty thousand men had to perish for the country to remain united and regain civility.

Other than the civil war, there has never been a more divided period in the nation's history until now. On the one side, there are Americans who want more government control, socialism, and the abolishment of the first and second amendments. On the other side, there are Americans who want to follow the United States Constitution as written, have limited government, and remain an economy centered on capitalism.

And just like the civil war, there appears to be no room for compromise or debate.

After the Civil War, what has kept the peace between the different ideologies has been the adherence, to a greater or lesser degree, to the United States Constitution.

But when the Constitution is no longer followed, it ceases to be a Constitution. And since more than half of today's government no longer obeys the Constitution, The United States can no longer be considered a Constitutional Republic.

In the last few years, completely ignoring the Constitution has become commonplace. Both Congress and the Supreme Court have abdicated their primary responsibilities and dishonored their oaths to defend the Constitution. The most recent cases of ignoring the Constitution involve Article II, Sec. 1, where only the state legislatures can set the rules for presidential elections in their states. But, several key swing states bypassed this requirement and changed election law without the state legislatures. The Supreme Court and Congress did nothing to address this.

Article IV, Sec. 4 of The United States Constitution requires the government to protect the states from invasion. Not just an attack from a foreign military but any intrusion into the boundaries of the country.

However, just as millions of foreigners are preparing to enter the country illegally, President Biden plans to ignore the Constitution by enacting an open-door policy on America's southern border. Although a federal judge has temporarily halted President Biden's plans without Congress voicing a strong objection, America's southern states will be invaded.

Many Republicans are appended to big corporate campaign donors and therefore must agree with open borders, which is a promise that the Biden administration must keep. Similarly, other items on the left's agenda can also be pushed through with no opposition.

Also, Congress is currently removing a private citizen from the President's office even though that private citizen is not the President. This is another clear violation of the Constitution. Article II, section 4 provides that "The President (not a private citizen)… shall be removed from office on Impeachment." Once a person is no longer the President, he can't be removed. The remedy to convict a former President is by way of the ordinary legal system. But the Constitution will be ignored, and the removal trial will continue.

How many times must we hear the phrase, "It's unconstitutional," and yet nothing happens?

No matter what is said publically, politicians on both sides of the aisle are fully aware of the reality that the country has quickly evolved into a quasi dictatorship.

Today, half of Congress's input is no longer wanted as President Biden has signed nearly fifty executive orders, a record, in just the first few days in office. Many have predicted that the Biden Administration has only scratched the surface with the number of executive orders to be signed. And why not? It makes no sense in the current post Constitutional era to follow laws that are not enforced.

For the most part, based on recent history, the Biden administration realizes that a vast majority of Americans will offer no resistance to the extensive changes taking away their freedoms.

The administration, big tech, and the media are on the same path as other past regimes that seized control of a nation. The curtailing of communication between members of the opposition was always a top priority by other socialist dictatorships, but should this be the Biden administration's strategy?

Perhaps it would make for an easier transition if the Biden Administration temporarily pretended to be against the stopping of free speech because although conservative censorship will produce faster results, it would also stir up resistance that might otherwise not emerge.

Without the Constitution and with weak Republican membership, several of the sweeping changes wanted by the left can occur without any violence.

The tightrope to be walked by the Biden administration will be to avoid the carnage of a violent civil war while at the same time abolishing both the first and second amendments.

Only time will tell, but perhaps the best way to avoid a real civil war is for the first amendment to be the last one canceled.

(c) 2/2021 R. Hayes

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