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  • Rick Hayes

The Ghost of Elections Yet To be.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

There is a noticeably tense feeling in the air regarding the direction and future of the country. Will The United States remain a Republic or transform into a socialist state?

There is no doubt that many swift and catastrophic changes to America will occur in the unfortunate occurrence that Joe Biden takes control of the White House. And there are many institutions responsible for such a reality.

First would be a corrupt, feeble, and weak Republican party who, like Nero, fiddled about as the country burned—followed closely by a monopolized propagandized media, feeding misinformation to an ignorant and gullible segment of society. But perhaps the most influential institution of the radical left that encouraged socialist to take control of the country would be the one that had the support of America's parents. The many years of unchallenged progressive liberalism taught inside the education system that indoctrinated America's youth. These corrupted seeds finally sprang up to join the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement just in time for the 2020 election. 

But how Biden and the radical left obtained ultimate power is less relevant than what will soon transpire for the country if such a deadly scenario becomes a reality. 

Holding to the belief that the tragedies listed below are nothing more than an aberration or an exaggeration is a dangerous form of wishful thinking. Like it or not, they will be the harsh realities that are going to materialize. 

If you understand nothing else from this or any other source of information, understand each measured word of the next paragraph.   

The inescapable facts are that a Biden win will immediately guarantee the end of the Republican Party, the end of the American middle class, and the end of the black community's influence and self-determination in America.

All three of these results are assured and stem from the Democrats' cornerstone promise of open borders and amnesty. With millions of new illegal aliens crossing in from Mexico instantly becoming citizens loyal to the Democrat party and millions of illegal aliens already inside America also faithful to the Democrat party, the country will never see another Republican voted into any office. Simply put, It's impossible to defeat Santa Clause.

The same Democrat Party's promise of open borders and amnesty will seriously lower the wages for lower-income families. As millions of Hispanic people flow across the border, competition for low income and entry-level positions will become severe. 

The substantial increase in the illegal alien population will cause an immediate juxtaposition of the Democrat pecking order. Once needed by Democrats to win elections and remain in power, the African American vote will be replaced by millions of new, mostly Hispanic voters. Democrats will switch their focus from African Americans to the specific needs of the Hispanic community.

As for the American middle class's fate, the funeral procession begins and ends with the words "free stuff." When all college debt is forgiven, and no future tuition is sought, not just for American students but also to anyone who can get across what was once considered America's southern border. Throw in Biden's promise of free healthcare for tens of millions of new illegal aliens, and you have the final nail in the coffin for the middle class. No exceptions, no escape.

Biden and the leftists' Democrats will have created an endless demand for limited resources. The redistribution of all savings and wealth from the American middle class to nearly everyone else will be quick and conclusive. Not a single shot will have had to be fired for America to have quickly be transformed into the next Venezuela.

The changes listed above will be immediate. The next few revisions scheduled for America will not be completed instantly, but with no competition at the ballot box, are sure to happen. 

With nothing to stop them, leftist Democrats now in complete control will implement the Green New Deal. We have seen that the names of new programs created by the radical left have no connection with their actual end game or goals. The "Green New Deal" is a perfect example. 

Made to sound like an environmental plan to save the planet, The Green New Deal is just another massive scheme to redistribute wealth and a way to flatten the U.S. economy. But don't take our word for it.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, stated as much when he admitted that the real motivation behind introducing the Green New Deal was not climate change but a way to overhaul the "entire economy." Proponents said it would also advance social, economic, racial, regional, and gender-based justice.

Not a single benefit for the planet will be realized from the Green New Deal, but extraordinary gains to those wanting to crush 244 years of American exceptionalism will be many. The new economic benefits gained under President Trump and America's safety that comes with energy independence will be lost. 

Costing over 93 trillion dollars over the first ten years, the only ones who will benefit from the GND will be America's enemies and competitors, namely China. As the American economy takes a deep dive into a depression because of the GND's high energy cost increases, China's economy and carbon emissions will soar. 

But soaring carbon emissions from China, already the most significant contributor to CO2 emissions, is not a priority or concern to Biden or leftist Democrats. 

Another inevitable fallout from a Biden win is the dramatic increase in crime and violence on America's streets.  

Biden has already publically stated that he supports defunding police departments across the country. Couple that with the new no-bail policy, and you have a disastrous recipe that will increase an already out of control murder rate in the inner cities.  

Increasing violent crime while also hindering law-abiding citizens from defending themselves will be another unwelcome change. The left will aim at another prized target, namely The Second Amendment.

Since the left rarely abides by the law, the steps needed to amend the Constitution legally will almost certainly be ignored. A Biden win and the takeover of both houses by leftist radicals would eliminate the steps necessary to ratify changes to the Constitution. Thus the left will unilaterally remove the 2nd Amendment during Biden's first term and do it while the propaganda media praises the procedure as painstakingly legitimate. 

Can't happen? Really? Let's see. It is illegal in The United States to target groups based on political beliefs. Yet, leftist Democrats under Obama did it successfully with impunity as the IRS stopped scores of conservative groups from achieving tax-exempt status before the 2012 election. Congressional investigations proving beyond all doubt of the lawlessness within the Obama administration only served as an example of how inept and non-existent justice is in Washington.

It is illegal for any government official to create and run a private server to conduct official government business. Not to mention transmitting classified documents over one unsecured and not subject to freedom of information requests. Yet Hillary Clinton successfully did just that as the Secretary of State. She also physically destroyed thousands of pieces of evidence, which is illegal, with not so much as a slap on the wrist.  

So the IRS and Clinton, to name only a few, committed numerous crimes, but it didn't matter in the same way that eliminating the 2nd Amendment would not matter. The left only cares about the Constitution when it is used to beat adversaries. 

Once the Second Amendment is eliminated, the only thing left to do is to confiscate the hardware. Biden has already made a public promise that former Presidental candidate Beto O'Rourke will have a significant position in eliminating guns from American streets. And O'Rourke has publically stated that he is coming for the AR-15's owned by Americans.

Other changes that will happen on Biden's watch include

fast tracking leftist radicals to Supreme Court appointments, getting rid of the filibuster rule, getting rid of the electoral college, and anything else that will get in the way of ultimate and permanent power for the left.

It will be the quickest and most destructive transformation in U.S. history—a 180 degree turn from a system centered on capitalism to a system focused on socialism. The markets will crash, and retirement investments will vaporize at just about the time the plan for Biden to resign and be replaced by a more radical leftist takes place.

The United States will be unrecognizable. There will only remain the leftist Democrat party holding power. Society will consist of the very wealthy and those just barely getting by. The haves and the have nots. And the ruling class government will control all aspects of American life from poorly allocating inferior healthcare, to badly managing employment, housing, and education. 

Americans have been given the same rare opportunity that Ebenezer Scrooge was given. To be able to see into the future at the results of choices made.

Scrooge turned that insight into an occasion to change his fate. The hope is that Americans will do the same by waking up and reclaiming their bright destiny at the voting booth. And deny the dark socialist agenda a Biden Presidency would produce. 

© 7/2020 R. Hayes

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